Rajjo 25th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 25th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 25th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 25th February 2023 episode starts with Kalindi noticing a phone on the floor and almost catching Rajjo and Arjun red-handed but Manorama saves the day by distracting her.

Arjun and Rajjo escape from that room while Kalindi remains busy with Manorama who confuses her with the household chores.

After they get into Arjun’s room, Arjun drinks water nervously and compliments Rajjo for being so brave as she has revealed the secrets of so many people in the past.

Rajjo gets offended on hearing Arjun as it seems like he is complimenting Rajjo for being so good as illegal stuff.

Rajjo makes fun of Arjun for him getting scared but Arjun accepts that she is the only one who fought for their relationship numerous times while he did nothing.

Arjun says that he is a stupid man who understands things very late but Rajjo asks him not to worry about the situation anymore.

As Rajjo says that she needs to leave to check the café, Arjun stops her and says that he is afraid of the time when she is not around him.

Rajjo assures Arjun that everything will be all right as she will return soon to which Arjun says that he will do his engagement with only Rajjo.

Meanwhile, Pushkar makes a scene after seeing the engagement arrangements and asks Kalindi if the Thakur family is doing the marriage in a hidden manner.

Madhumalti answers that Pushkar is not entirely wrong as she does not like Niharika as she sent Arjun to jail.

Reminding Pushkar how his daughter kept a relationship with a married man, Madhumalti reminds of the time when Pushkar humiliated Manorama for the same reason.

Madhumalti says that if Manorama was a characterless woman, so is Niharika.

Kalindi and Pushkar are left silent while Madhumalti says that she accepts Niharika only for her child's sake.

At the same time, Rajjo asks the manager about Niharika but he says that he does not remember these things at all.

However, he calls one of the waiters who tells Rajjo that Niharika always visits that café with one boy who wears a jersey with the number 10 written on it.

Rajjo concludes that that boy must be Niharika’s boyfriend and returns to the home where the engagement is going on.

Arjun puts the ring on Niharika’s finger while he notices Rajjo standing at the corner.

As Arjun’s turn comes, Niharika drops the ring by mistake after which Arjun comes to Rajjo behind the curtains and wears the ring from her hands.

Everyone gets shocked to see Arjun wearing the ring while Niharika gets suspicious over Rajjo leaving that venue.

Niharika asks Rajjo to stop but Arjun distracts her by asking her to take photos with him while Rajjo in disguise leaves.

Arjun starts losing his cool as Niharika calls Rajjo the same as a servant and asks him how he was able to cope with her as she was an uneducated fool.

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