Rajjo 26th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 26th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 26th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 26th February 2023 episode starts with Niharika pretending to understand Arjun's condition as she says it is difficult to even talk with Rajjo because she doesn't even know English.

Suddenly Mamorama enters and offers sweets to them, especially to calm down Arjun. Mamorama congratulates Arjun for getting what he desired, she means Rajjo but Niharika thinks Mamorama refers to her.

Arjun then goes to the room to check Niharika's phone's call list but suddenly Niharika enters and asks Arjun what he is doing with her phone.

She confronts him that she knows Arjun is planning something and does not believe his excuse. She asks Arjun to tell her the plan as she knows he still loves Rajjo and can do anything for her.

Suddenly Arjun breaks into tears but he is actually pretending to make Niharika believe he is on her side. He says he still loves Rajjo but not more than his family so he has decided to leave his love behind as Niharika is loved by Arjun's family and he loves his family and so they are the best option for each other.

Niharika believes him and is happy as he asks her to trust him as he has left a relationship just to create a new relationship with her.

Fooling Niharika, Arjun returns to Rajjo in another room and gives her the news that he got Amit's phone number. However as they call the number, it is unreachable.

Arjun also says that he noticed Amit's social media pages are all blocked. Rajjo remembers that during the investigation, the cafe employee told her that Amit used to wear a jersey t-shirt which reminds Rajjo that Amit might be a hockey player.

Rajjo demands she will go alone to execute their investigation further and asks Arjun to stay at home only. Inside Pushkar's hockey academy, Rajjo finally finds the record about Amit but suddenly Pushkar enters the room.

Rajjo is able to hide but forgot to close the drawer. Pushkar suspects and Rajjo almost gets caught. However, she gets saved as Pushkar leaves the room .

Meanwhile, Niharika enjoys her mehendi ritual. Madhumalti does not like Jhilmil taking Rajjo's name during happy moments.

Suddenly Arjun comes downstairs with drums and demands to play games during mehendi. Then they proceed to play antakshari and everyone enjoys it. 

Jhilmil notices that Arjun is singing songs as if he is going to war.

Suddenly Niharika's team almost loses because Kalindi is unable to sing the required song but suddenly Rajjo enters with a covered face and sings on behalf of the bride group.

Arjun walks up to Rajjo to give her the glass but plays with her. Kalindi asks to write Arjun's name on Niharika's hand but she says she doesn't want to trouble Arjun.

Niharika asks Kalindi to keep an eye on the red saree with a covered face. Within time, Arjun gives Rajjo's red dupatta to a different lady to spoof Kalindi.

Inside the room, Rajjo is angry with Arjun because instead of thinking about her dress, he wants to romance her.

Rajjo talks about Amit but Arjun asks her why she is angry with him.

She clearly states she has the right to be angry at her husband and they both indulge in a romantic moment where Arjun puts mehendi in Rajjo's hand while the 'Sawar lu' song is heard in the background.

Rajjo then puts her initials on Arjun's hand. Arjun confesses that he can even go to jail but doesn't want to marry Niharika. Suddenly the door opens and Niharika enters the room, while Arjun guards Rajjo.

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