Rajjo 27th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 27th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 27th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 27th February 2023 episode starts with Niharika entering the room suddenly, but within time, Rajjo is able to hide behind Arjun.

He asks Niharika why she entered the room and she says she can, even when there is no work.

She then asks him to tie her blouse lace which makes Rajjo angry but still Arjun does it.

Taking the chance, Rajjo sneakily takes away Niharika's phone.

Niharika gets into a romantic mood but Arjun asks her to wait until their marriage.

After Niharika leaves, Rajjo tells Arjun about stealing the phone and teases him by commenting why all freak girls are obsessed with Arjun to which he replies that Rajjo is also after him but not as a freak but with her empty brain.

Rajjo sends a message to Amit about meeting at 5 PM in front of the cafe.

They are sure Amit will definitely come because the message is sent from Niharika's phone.

Outside, Niharika tries to find her phone and suddenly Arjun gives it back to her which gives Rajjo time to escape, but Niharika suspects her.

Swara is passing by and Niharika asks her to follow the red saree woman and also asks her to send a video recording to her.

At the cafe, Swara is shocked to see Rajjo under the red cover so she thinks about recording her as per Niharika's instructions.

However, she remembers if she doesn't do anything then Niharika will scold her.

Finally, Amit enters and Rajjo directly confronts him.

Amit tells Rajjo that he always loved Niharika and also he is ready to take care of the child.

However, Niharika herself broke up with him to marry someone rich and also warned him to make him get lost from the hockey academy.

Rajjo tells him that he should help Rajjo or else four lives will get destroyed.

Meanwhile, Niharika is irritated with Swara because she isn't sending any videos to her.

Finally, a video is sent to her phone, and Niharika bucks up to see what is in the video.

At the cafe, Amit directly rejects Rajjo's request because Niharika is rich and can harm both Amit and his parents and asks Rajjo to forget these as a nightmare.

Rajjo influences him as she says if Amit doesn't do anything now, the thought of his child will haunt him forever, and also asks him to show his courage.

Rajjo says that she knows it is dangerous but still she herself is fighting for love.

Meanwhile, Niharika sees the recording which is unclear and also without any audio.

She scolds Swara and asks her to again take a video.

Swara in her mind thinks about being loyal which she is but to Rajjo only because she has helped her before.

Niharika suspects Rajjo in disguise and asks the guards to not let anyone inside the house except for family members.

Meanwhile, Amit and Rajjo are planning how to enter the Thakur House, especially Amit, due to the strict protection outside.

Suddenly they see a big car and from it, comes out hangers with dresses.

Rajjo brings those dresses inside amongst which Amit hides.

On the other hand, Kalindi and Niharika see the lehenga and while going away, Amit sneezes and almost gets caught but Rajjo, Arjun, and Swara help him hide.

They decide to hide Amit inside Arjun and Chirag's room which has been closed for almost 10 years.

Arjun says that Rajjo will take Amit when the marriage starts and he has to spill the truth.

Swara and Rajjo are determined to spill Kalindi and Niharika's truth and get justice.

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