Rajjo 27th November 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 27th November 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 27th November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 27th November 2022 episode starts with Rajjo crying in Manorama’s lap and telling her how she did not listen to her warnings and came to the city for Arjun’s sake.

Urvashi hears Rajjo and Manorama’s conversation from outside the room and barges inside as she hears Rajjo talking trash about her.

Urvashi asks Rajjo how dare she talks like that to her and asks her to go and do her maid job for which she gets food and shelter.

Rajjo tells Urvashi that she earns her food and expenses by doing her share of the work whereas Urvashi is the one gobbling free things from the Thakur family.

Urvashi gets furious and grabs Rajjo’s neck along with her hair and presses on it making Rajjo scream in pain.

As Rajjo screams Manorama’s name, she stops both Urvashi and Rajjo from going near each other.

Urvashi tries to throw hands at Manorama but Rajjo stops her by twisting her hand and showing her the place she belongs to.

Rajjo tells Urvashi that she will not hesitate to break her hand the next time while Urvashi starts to scream for help from Arjun.

Arjun comes and notices Rajjo twisting Urvashi’s hand and asks her to leave her.

Arjun warns Rajjo not to touch Urvashi ever while Rajjo replies with another warning about Urvashi trying to harm her mother.

Asking Rajjo to stop with her nonsense, Arjun commands Rajjo to put balm on Urvashi’s hand and asks her to be grateful toward Chirag for letting her and Manorama in their house.

After Rajjo, Urvashi, and Arjun leave, Manorama decides to give her accompaniment to Rajjo in revealing the truth to the Thakur family.

Rajjo confronts Kalindi about betraying her in front of the whole family and changing the papers with Urvashi’s name.

As Rajjo asks Kalindi why she lied in front of the family members, Kalindi convinces Rajjo that she did not look at the papers once and kept them in her locker.

Rajjo believes in Kalindi’s words and asks her if she is still by her side to which Kalindi assures her that she is there with her.

Manorama catches Urvashi talking about the 50 lacs she got from her fake kidnapping and takes the statements from her room as evidence.

Later, as Rajjo comes to give coffee to Arjun, he acts to talk with his friend explaining how grand and beautiful his wedding is going to be.

Arjun compliments Urvashi’s beauty and personality while Rajjo sulks silently standing beside him.

As Rajjo proceeds to leave, Arjun stops her and asks her to start packing the gifts for her wedding.

Suddenly, Rajjo mistakenly places her foot on a bubble wrap and she falls to the ground along with Arjun.

Arjun and Rajjo continue to roll over and get entangled in the bubble wrap with their body intertwined with each other.

Rajjo continues to stare at Arjun with loving eyes while Arjun tries to free himself from the bubble wrap.

As Arjun continues to groan about the unpleasant popping sound of the bubble wrap, Rajjo asks him to calm down and gets them out of the wrap.

Rajjo pops the bubble in front of Arjun to annoy him and shows him the toy phone with which he was calling his imaginary friend.

Later, Manorama finds Rajjo and thinks of ways to hand her the bank statements but Pushkar comes in front of her and tells her that he has figured out her strategy.

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