Rajjo 28th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 28th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 28th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 28th February 2023 episode starts with Arjun in a hurry and thinks that he has only 15 minutes to get ready.

Suddenly, Rajjo tries to enter from the window and gets stuck.

Rajjo says that Arjun is responsible for persuading an innocent village girl like her to stay with him.

She asks Arjun to wear black sunglasses to see her because otherwise, his eyes are magical to create delusion for her.

He asks her why she didn't enter from the main door to which she replies that if she has done that, she won't be welcomed, but rather thrown away forever.

Rajjo seems happy to see Arjun in the outfit and asks him not to be nervous.

Arjun then asks her to put on his turban or else Niharika will do it.

They then indulge in a romantic moment when suddenly Arjun is called to go downstairs and Rajjo consoles him that their love will definitely win because even if anything goes wrong, she will never leave Arjun at least.

Madhumalti is happy because Niharika and Arjun complete each other.

Arjun whispers to Rajjo to bring Amit downstairs for the climax.

As she proceeds upstairs, Madhumalti stops her because her work is to serve juices and all the members and guests are on the ground floor itself.

Niharika enters the wedding pavilion where Kalindi says that their mother did not show up for the wedding because she wants them either to be with Pushkar or her.

Niharika asks them to stop and also is confused about her own wedding.

Rajjo again tries to go and bring Amit but again is stopped by Kalindi to bring flower garlands to her.

Finally, Swara goes upstairs but Niharika sneaks away and follows her.

Swara tells Amit to get ready to tell everyone Niharika's truth and Niharika hears it all.

She turns off the lights of the house and now, Swara can't find Amit.

Kalindi and Pushkar notice that Niharika is missing and so Pushkar goes upstairs.

Rajjo also goes upstairs inside the room because Swara is late in bringing Amit downstairs.

When Rajjo enters the room, she sees Swara with blood on her hand.

However, Swara confesses that she herself is confused and so Rajjo asks her to calm down and wash the blood from her hand.

After she goes away, Rajjo prays and asks God to help her find Amit.

Meanwhile, Kalindi asks where Niharika was when the lights went off.

Niharika makes excuses about sitting down due to pregnancy as she went to take some rest.

Arjun is very tense about both Rajjo and Amit and asks Rajjo to not go by herself to find Amit.

On the other hand, Niharika thinks about who should she ask for help because, in a flashback, Niharika is the one to hit Amit on his head, and at that time, Swara enters the room.

Seeing Swara, Niharika had to hide Amit's body for the time being, and later, Swara could only see the blood.

At present Niharika thinks of calling Pushkar to help move Amit's body.

She asks Kalindi to check on Arjun and in the meantime gets time to call Pushkar without anyone knowing.

In Arjun's room, Rajjo asks Arjun to complete the wedding rituals to make Niharika believe that she has won while Rajjo finds Amit.

Arjun takes Rajjo out of the room through the window and tells her that they will run far away from the family and the city.

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