Rajjo 29th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 29th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 29th January 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 29th January 2023 episode starts with Rajjo asking Madhumalti if she knows where is Manorama when Madhumalti reveals that they have thrown Manorama into the crocodile lake.

Earlier, Rajjo is looking everywhere for a charger in desperation when Arjun tells Rajjo that he can put the phone in charge in the room but Rajjo refuses.

At the same time, Madhumalti walks in with prasad and urges Rajjo to not behave like a kid.

Madhumalti further orders everyone to go back to sleep as their no-sleep state will not bring Manorama home.

Later, in the room, Rajjo smells Manorama’s dupatta and starts crying as the memories flash before her eyes.

Rajjo falls asleep while hugging Manorama’s dupatta, Ajun notices that Rajjo is on the verge of falling down so he immediately holds her head and lays next to her for the rest of the night.

Arjun watches Rajjo sleep while a romantic song plays in the background and he starts caressing her head.

The next morning, Rajjo dreams of Manorama’s cloth floating on the crocodile lake and she wakes up with sweat on her forehead.

Just then, Arjun gets a call from the police officer who informs them that they did not find Manorama’s body in the crocodile lake which relieves Arjun.

Arjun urges Rajjo to be happy about this news but Rajjo starts mumbling that Manorama should be in the crocodile lake as she found her dupatta there.

Arjun walks away after advising Rajjo not to worry about Manorama as anyone can have this kind of dupatta but Rajjio feels sure about the dupatta being Manorama’s.

Afterward, Rajjo tries to call Nangu Kaka for the information but Nangu Kaka does not pick up his call.

Rajjo then calls another uncle who drives buses from their village to Lucknow and she gets stressed as the driver informs her that Manorama did not travel by his bus.

While Rajjo is trying to connect the dots about Manorama’s missing, Siya informs her about Madhumalti talking to someone on call last night.

Meanwhile, Arjun tells everyone at the breakfast table that he needs to go to the village for Rajjo’s sake when Rajjo arrives there and asks Madhu if she knows anything about Manorama.

Rajjo even reveals that Siya told her about Madhumalti being scared last night and Madhu accepts that she threw away Manorama in the crocodile lake.

Rajjo is about to fall after hearing this news and Arjun holds her tightly while Madhumalti announces that this is what Rajjo wanted her to say.

She tells Madhu that she is not trying to accuse her but she is just worried about Manorama.

However, Madhumalti yells that she is not a murderer. 

Arjun informs Madhu that Rajjo was just asking but Madhumalti uses the opportunity in her favor and plays the victim card.

She also says that Siya must have had some misunderstanding as she did not call anyone yesterday.

Afterward, Rajjo starts shaking Madhumalti as she believes Madhu knows something but Arjun orders her to stop.

Rajjo and Arjun start arguing when she yells that if it was Arjun’s mother, then he would have been worried for her.

Madhumalti mentions that she has arranged puja for Manorama’s well-being.

Later, while Rajjo is looking everywhere for Madhumalti as she needs to apologize for her rude behavior, Madhu is seen taking a bag from a goon.

Rajjo gets shocked when she finds out that Madhumalti is talking about crocodile lake.

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