Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 2nd February 2023 episode starts with Arjun boxing on the boxing bag when Rajjo comes to tell him that his silence tells her that he does not believe her. 

Madhumalti Plants a Seed of Doubt

Madhumalti comes to stop Rajjo from convincing Arjun and tries to portray her as being in trauma at her mother’s unusual way of leaving for the village. 

Madhu says that Rajjo's fear is ruling her but Rajjo tells her that she is not in trauma.

Rajjo accuses Madhumalti of knowing something about Manorama. 

Arjun tells Rajjo that they have decided to start fresh but she is destroying all the relationships in the family. 

However, Rajjo tells Arjun that she is convinced that something is hidden from their eyes that will complete the truth and she will not stop asking questions until she gets to the truth.  

Madhumalti tells Arjun that Rajjo needs a psychiatrist to help Rajjo escape this trauma. 

Meanwhile, Rajjo is standing outside thinking worriedly to get insight into her problem as the mystery is growing more complex every day.

Madhumalti's Plan

In the meantime, Madhumalti tells Jhilmil that she will have to prove Rajjo mentally unstable in the eyes of her family and throw her out of this family and Arjun’s life. 

Jhilmil tells Madhumalti that it would be more enjoyable if Arjun himself throws Rajjo away. 

Madhumalti tells her to not be stupid as Arjun will never send Rajjo out of the house and they will have to do the honors. 

Niharika gets hurt

Just then, Niharika arrives there and assures her to not worry as Nanku Kaka is absolutely fine and everything will be alright soon. 

Rajjo asks her if Kalindi told her about it but Niharika says that Arjun called her and shared his problem with her as they are very close friends.

She assures Rajjorthat Arjun will be a very good husband to her when he is such a good friend.

Rajjo asks Niharika if Arjun has said something to her that she does not know. 

Niharika tells her that Arjun has asked her to ask Pushkar to apologize to Rajjo and Manorma. 

Rajjo tells her to not worry as she does not want any apology from Niharika. 

In the meantime, Niharika falls down as she comes inside and Rajjo goes to get the cold water. 

However, there was no water in the fridge and the ice trays are empty too. 

Niharika tells her to use Kalindi’s sipper bottle which always has cold water in it. 

Madhumalti's Game Plan

Just then, Madhumalti stealthily changes Kalindi's sipper with another sipper and Niharika’s hand burns with hot water. 

Niharika gets angry at Rajjo for not checking the bottle before bringing it to her. 

In the meantime, Madhumalti again changes the bottle and sympathizes with Niharika on her wound. 

She tells Rajjo to get the tube from the medicine cupboard. 

Later, Rajjo checks the bottle, finds the water cold, and wonders why would Niharika lie to her. 

Meanwhile, Madhu and Jhilmil talk in loud voices about Manorama being in go down and Niharika helping them to prove Rajjo mad so that they can get rid of mother and daughter; both. 

Madhumalti also tells Jhilmil to leave for the godown in the next ten minutes so that they can finish Manorama once and for all. 

Rajjo gets angry to hear that and empties the tube by pressing it aggressively. 

Later, Niharika asks Rajjo what is wrong with her and that she has brought an empty tube to her.

Rajjjo tells her to find the tube at another place while she goes to check on Bhola Kaka who can take them to the hospital. 

Both Madhumalti and Jhilmil are astonished to see Rajjo calm and tell each other that they should not have taken Rajjo lightly. 

They decide to follow her wherever she is planning to go. 

Meanwhile, Rajjo suspects that Madhumalti is trying to manipulate her and decides to give Niharika the benefit of doubt. 

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