Rajjo 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 2nd March 2023 episode starts with Kalindi knocking on Arjun's door to check if Arjun is dressed.

Chirag doesn't want to open the door while Kalindi is determined to check inside. 

She peeks from the window and Chirag stops her to give them privacy so that Arjun can get ready as soon as possible. 

As Kalindi goes away, it is revealed inside the room, that Arjun and Rajjo aren't there, rather a mannequin dressed as Arjun is.

The priest asks for the groom downstairs as Madhumalti tells Kalindi to bring Arjun down. 

Meanwhile, Rajjo and Arjun can not find Amit and decides to go to the outhouse. 

Swara approaches them as they inform her that Amit is still alive.

Swara is going to bring Niharika downstairs while Rajjo tells her their plan and asks her to keep her phone near to herself.

Meanwhile, Arjun notifies them that whatever happens, he will not marry Niharika at any cost. 

Swara blesses their love and encourages them to fight for each other. 

As Swara enters Niharika's room, she confronts her about knowing all about Amit and Niharika attempts to choke her. 

Swara tells her that Niharika will lose in the end because she is wrong all through.

On the other side, Rajjo lets Arjun know about stealing Amit's phone while hiding him inside the room, to prevent Niharika from persuading Amit to go away.

Arjun tries to take credit for her being cunning while Rajjo doesn't agree with it.

At the same time, Niharika warns that she is going to the bride and going to be a member of Thakur family, so Swara should help her, instead of Rajjo. 

Swara protests that no one can determine what will happen while Niharika gets a message from Amit's phone and gets traumatic and Pushkar tries to help Niharika cope with the situation. 

Niharika tells Pushkar that she is troubled by Amit and confesses that he is the father of Niharika's child. 

Niharika informs him that Amit is from a poor background and can't marry him, so she trapped Arjun to marry her. 

When Pushkar tries to lecture her, she makes him remember that he too had an affair while being married. 

Niharika lets Pushkar know that someone brought Amit inside the house to spill her truth. 

When she got to know, she hit his head with a rod and also tells him that Amit is alive because she got a message from Amit. 

On the other hand, Madhumalti forcefully enters Arjun's room and finds out the mannequin.

However, she thinks she has made the right decision by choosing Niharika and not Rajjo, and this makes Chirag confused. 

Niharika happily goes downstairs to the wedding pavilion as if she did not get Amit's message.

Arjun understands that Pushkar is helping Niharika and they follow him till they reach Amit. 

Inside the abandoned room, Pushkar is angry with Amit as he warns him not to get his hopes high as he will kill Amit once and for all so that even his shadow doesn't fall on Niharika. 

Amit falls to the ground as Pushkar shoots him. 

Downstairs, Madhumalti manages the situation about Arjun being late, while Pushkar informs Niharika that she can peacefully focus on the wedding. 

As Chirag brings the groom downstairs, he looks happy which makes Kalindi suspect. 

She confronts that the groom is not Arjun as she removes the face-covered turban.

Madhumalti is shocked and asks where Arjun is, to that, Arjun comes holding hands with Rajjo, but her face is covered so no one recognizes her. 

When they ask who Arjun is with, Rajjo reveals her face and Niharika stands up in fear. 

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