Rajjo 30th December 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 30th December 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 30th December 2022 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 30th December 2022 episode starts with Chirag encouraging Arjun to handle Rajjo delicately and to not scold her for anything.

Arjun walks to the room gloomily as he cannot bear to see Rajjo cry.

A sad song plays in the background while Arjun sees her crying and drinking water.

He wraps his arms around Rajjo from behind and ensures her through his warmth and she turns around with tears in her eyes.

Arjun bends and wipes Rajjo’s tears with his cheek and she closes his eyes, feeling her heartbeat accelerating.

Suddenly Arjun’s dream breaks and he sees Rajjo crying and walks towards her.

He was about to hug her from behind but Manorama interrupts their moment by calling Arjun’s name.

Manorama takes away Rajjo and asks her if she’s okay as she wasn't able to ask before because Madhumalti was standing beside her.

Rajjo hugs her Maai crying and Manorama consoles her and defends Arjun as he saved Rajjo’s life.

At the same time, Madhumalti and Jhilmil enter the room stating that Rajjo will save Arjun as he did and sends her back to Arjun’s room.

In Arjun’s room, Arjun requests Rajjo to sit down on the bed as he wanted to discuss something important.

He assures her that she will get many more chances to prove her worth.

Rajjo recalls his words and states she does not have much time to prove her worth.

Confused, Arjun questions Rajjo who gave her a deadline to fulfil her dreams.

However, Madhumalti interrupts when Rajjo is about to tell her inner thoughts about his conversation with Pushkar.

Madhu sends him out and he goes out in his confused state thinking he will die if Rajjo goes from his life.

In the room, Madhu tells Rajjo to get ready as she needs to look better than an angel at the party.

Meanwhile, Rajjo thinks she hates angels because Urvashi was also an angel's name.

In Pushkar’s house, Pushkar, Niharika and the Thakur family have family time while Arjun sees the door waiting for Rajjo’s arrival.

At the same time, Madhu and Rajjo enter and Arjun gets awestruck seeing Rajjo looking alluring like a peacock in rain.

Everyone teases Arjun as he was lost in Rajjo's beauty but she thinks he didn’t like her look.

Later, Pushkar raises a toast to Niharika’s win and Arjun teaches Rajjo to touch the glasses and say cheers.

Afterwards, Madhu asks Arjun and Rajjo to go to Pushkar’s farmhouse and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Everyone insists and both Arjun and Rajjo answer at the same time, he agrees and she disagrees.

Niharika explains to everyone that Rajjo is refusing because she had a deal with her in the morning in which she offered her a position in her team.

She informs everyone that Rajjo agreed to be part of her team.

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