Rajjo 30th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 30th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 30th January 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 30th January 2023 episode starts with Rajjo yelling that Madhumalti knew about Manorama going to visit crocodile lake.

Earlier, Chirag asks Siya if she is sure Madhumalti was talking about crocodile lake last night to which Siya replies that she overheard Madhu talking about crocodile lake.

Once Siya leaves, Chirag brings up Siya’s words but Kalindi urges him to not dwell on this for long since Chirag is not Madhumalti’s favorite son.

She even adds that Arjun does not trust Rajjo so they should also stay out of the matter as their life is finally coming to the track now.

On the other hand, Madhu orders the goon to speak in a low voice and the goon informs her that he has brought everything she asked for.

Just then, entering the room, Rajjo screams that she came here to apologize but she should have known that her suspicion is right.

She runs away from there with the bag that the goon brought while Madhumalti and the goon follow her.

In the hall, Rajjo accuses Madhumalti in front of everyone, and Madhumalti screams that Rajjo’s clock has stopped at her.

Arjun then orders Madhu to stay silent for a bit and Rajjo opens the bag only to find soil inside it.

At the same time, Madhumalti reveals that the soil of crocodile lake is very fertile so she brought some samples to test.

When Rajjo questions Madhu why she met the guy in a store room,  Madhumalti informs everyone that her rivals always spy on them to know their secret of having the best fertilizer.

Mukund tells Jhilmil that Pushkar wants to do business with him and at the same time Jhilmil comments that Rajjo is right and everyone is wrong without paying attention to Mukund's words.

When Rajjo pleads with Arjun to trust her, Madhumalti blames Rajjo for showing her in a bad light in front of Arjun with tears in her eyes.

Afterward, Rajjo and Arjun get into an argument as Rajjo yells that Arjun does not care about her feelings whereas Arjun informs Rajjo that too much stubbornness is not good always.

Arjun tells Rajjo that he called Nanku Kaka who informed him about Manorama being in the village and Rajjo asks him if he talked with Manorama.

Arjun further tells Rajjo that there is a network problem in the village so his call gets discontinued but he gets impatient when Rajjo mentions that she knows something terrible has happened with Manorama.

Meanwhile, Manorama and Pushkar discuss how Rajjo fell into their trap and behaved badly in front of everyone after finding Madhumalti talking with the goon.

They laugh as now everyone will think Rajjo has lost her mind just like they wanted.

Meanwhile, Chirag advises Rajjo to meet Nanku Kaka to clear her doubts and even offers to take her there when Madhu arrives there.

Madhumalti even shows Rajjo the contents of her bag to make sure Rajjo does not doubt her again, making Rajjo feel terrible.

Afterward, Pushkar scolds Madhu for informing him late about Rajjo’s visit to Nanku Kaka as his goons are still there with Nanku Kaka in his house whereas Rajjo is knocking on the door of Nanku Kaka’s home.

Inside the home, the goon orders Nanku Kaka to keep quiet if he wants to keep Rajjo safe or they will kill him.

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