Rajjo 31st December 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 31st December 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 31st December 2022 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 31st December 2022 episode starts with Niharika informing everyone that Rajjo is added to team Niharika in the sports academy.

Niharika explains to everyone that she couldn’t let Rajjo go as she finally found an athlete who can give her competition.

Meanwhile, Madhumalti taunts Pushkar that blood recognises blood that’s why Niharika felt a connection with Rajjo.

Infuriated Pushkar makes an excuse of getting a call from Niharika’s coach and takes her aside.

Later, Rajjo expresses her wish in her mind that she wanted to go with Arjun on a drive but thinks he didn’t want to go as he didn’t insist much.

However, Arjun thinks that even if he persuaded her she would have not agreed.

On the other hand, Pushkar tells Niharika that Rajjo is a loafer girl and she has created chaos in everyone’s life.

Niharika reasons with him that Rajjo has a natural talent for racing as if she has it in her genes.

Pushkar asks her to stay away from Rajjo but she asks if he has any problem with her.

He gets shocked when Niharika questions his intention towards Rajjo.

Niharika requests Pushkar to stop his blame game and let Rajjo decide what she wants.

Meanwhile, Arjun shows Rajjo Niharika’s trophies and medals, encouraging her that she will also have a wall like this.

Rajjo smiles brightly while Arjun states that he will get tired of putting nails on the wall to hang her medals.

In a secluded corner, Madhu angrily tells Pushkar to not do anything and just keep Niharika away from Rajjo.

Madhumalti walks away while Pushkar says he will finish Manorama and Rajjo as they are a threat to him until they are alive.

Meanwhile, Arjun asks Rajjo about the deadline, Rajjo denies to tell him and states she always dumps her problems on him.

She exclaims that she will survive her struggle herself as her Maai taught her.

Arjun feels hurt and taunts Rajjo to ask her Maai if they should ignore the other person who is ready to lend them a shoulder.

Rajjo informs him that she knows what her heart knows and Arjun agrees that he only knows what his heart wants.

In the dining area, Chirag and Kalindi recall their first night's stay in her house and laugh thinking about it.

Chirag argues with his mind whether he should ask Kalindi out for a drive or not.

Meanwhile, Arjun encourages Rajjo to become a successful athlete and asks her to inform him whenever she makes a decision.

Arjun compares Rajjo’s beauty to Sia’s doll and walks away.

Meanwhile, Sia takes Chirag to Kalindi and tells her that he wants to ask her something.

Chirag musters up his courage and asks her out for dinner while she gets a call from Rocky.

Kalindi makes an excuse and Chirag goes to find Sia embarrassed.

In Thakur's mansion, Madhu offers Rajjo to explore Pushkar’s farmhouse to spend some quality time with Rajjo and go on a honeymoon.

Rajjo asks her what it is and everyone laughs while Madhu explains that the couple eats and roams the places.

Afterwards, Rajjo's mouth waters thinking about chaat- pakora and agree to go on a honeymoon.

At the same time, Arjun enters and Rajjo tells him to get ready to go on his honeymoon.

Arjun splashes the tea in shock and she demands everyone to go with her otherwise she will not go.

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