Rajjo 31st January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 31st January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 31st January 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 31st January 2023 episode starts with Rajjo going to Nanku Kaka’s house but Pushkar’s goons do not let Nanku Kaka open the door.

Pushkar calls his goons and asks them to run quickly or else Rajjo will catch them.

One of the goons tells Nanku Kaka that now his life is no longer relevant as he has fulfilled his purpose.

Rajjo enters with a stick and starts hitting the two goons and also tells them she has called the police.

The goons run away because they did not know that Rajjo was bluffing.

After they leave, Nanku Kaka collapses and utters something about Rajjo’s family being involved in this.

Before Rajjo could further inquire about anything, two nurses come and put Nanku Kaka on a stretcher.

Meanwhile, everyone is assembled in the hall of Thakur House when Rajjo enters soaked in blood.

Arjun gets very worried and asks her what happened which Rajjo says while in shock that Nanku Kaka was badly beaten by two goons and Madhumalti is the one who can tell why this happened.

Rajjo calls the police in and then goes to Madhumalti and starts interrogating.

Arjun goes to Rajjo and asks her what is she trying to do to.

Rajjo gives a drape to Arjun saying that she has proof.

She tells Madhumalti whether she is scared or being blackmailed by someone, which is why she is not answering where Manorama is.

Madhumalti says that time, she will not let Rajjo torment her life this and runs away to her room while Arjun follows her and tries to console her.

Madhumalti starts fake crying from inside the room and asks Arjun to leave so that she can call Pushkar.

Jhilmil holds Rajjo’s hand tightly and says now she understands that Rajjo does not consider Thakur Family as her own.

Kalindi also says that what Rajjo did today is totally unacceptable as it brings harm to the family’s reputation.

Meanwhile, Madhu calls Pushkar once after making sure that Arjun has left and asks why Pushkar always works in a way that Madhumalti gets into trouble.

He says that she does not need to worry because Nanku Kaka is not at the hospital because the nurses were fake and were his own staff.

Pushkar says that Rajjo calling the police will act in Madhumalti’s favor as everyone will sympathize with her.

Just then, Jhilmil knocks on Madhumalti’s door and asks her who Madhumalti was talking to.

Back in the hall, Arjun blames Rajjo for calling the police on Madhumalti to which Chirag backs Rajjo up and says that Rajjo does have a point.

However, calling the police was not justified.

Kalindi and the rest of the family feel that Chirag should not support Rajjo at all because this time, she is totally wrong.

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