Rajjo 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 3rd February 2023 episode starts with Rajjo thinking to herself about diverting her attention from Niharika and following Jhilmil to reach Manorama.

While Niharika goes to find the tube for her hurt hand, Siya stops her and says she will help her.

Siya goes inside the store room while Rajjo hesitantly locks the room, mistaking Siya for Niharika.

Rajjo sees Niharika and tells her that she knows that Niharika is pretending all this to take Rajjo to the mental asylum and grabs her hand.

Rajjo's eyes become threatening as Niharika cries out loud, feeling pain in her hand.

Just then, Arjun comes there and asks Rajjo to release Niharika's hand.

Rajjo tells everyone in the hall that she overheard Madhumalti & Jhilmil's conversation with Niharika and knows about their plan.

Kalindi rebukes Rajjo, asking her why would Niharika want to send her away to a mental asylum while Jhilmil comes and tries to frame that Rajjo has completely gone ill.

Rajjo is angry and states that all are liars and that is why she locked Niharika in the store room.

Niharika looks at Kalindi with teary eyes and says, she is glad that she didn't go near the store room while Arjun gets worried as to who Rajjo locked in if Niharika is here.

Chirag suddenly asks Kalindi about Siya and they all hurriedly go and find Siya in the store room.

Rajjo gets shocked and sheds tears as to what she did to Siya and apologizes to her.

However, Chirag warns Rajjo to stay away from Siya while Arjun reminds Rajjo that he asked her not to overthink.

Arjun also reminds Rajjo that Chirag treated her as a sister and went against the whole family for her and says this is enough now and she may require medical help.

While Siya rests in her room, Madhumalti grabs Rajjo to throw her out of the house to the mental asylum alone.

Jhilmil comes to grab Rajjo's free hand but Rajjo says that she is perfectly okay.

Arjun comes rushing into the hall after hearing Rajjo's scream while she grabs a showpiece for her defense.

She tells everyone that she will harm them if anyone comes near her but the staff sent by the mental hospital puts powder in Rajjo's eyes and takes her outside.

Arjun comes to Rajjo's defense and takes her to a private spot while Rajjo tightly hugs Arjun.

Rajjo whispers that since Manorama is already away, she doesn't want Arjun to go away from her too.

Arjun tells Rajjo calmly that she does not know what she is thinking or doing after her mother has left.

He says that Rajjo has crossed her limits by accusing Jhilmil and Niharika and asks her if she would be able to forgive herself if something had happened to Siya.

Arjun tells Rajjo that the way she is scared for Siya, he is scared for her and requests Rajjo to meet the doctor once for him.

However, Rajjo pushes Arjun and says that he is like the rest and tells him to trust her first.

Rajjo says that Arjun doesn't feel the same as she feels for him and their love has always been one-sided.

She starts packing her things and vows to find the truth and Manorama at any cost.

Rajjo willingly goes to the ambulance while the nurse gets hold of her and takes her away.

However, on the way, Rajjo throws stones at the nurse which she gathered earlier, and escapes from the ambulance.

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