Rajjo 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 3rd March 2023 episode starts with Rajjo confronting Niharika and Pushkar for confessing the truth.

She informs everyone that this is Amit, whom Niharika and Pushkar attempted but failed to kill.

Madhumalti claims Rajjo is a witch who only brings bad luck to the Thakur family.

She goes on to say that before she checks on Niharika, she is going to kick Rajjo out of the house.

When Arjun hears this, he becomes enraged and warns Madhumalti not to even touch her, telling her that she is his wife and he will support and stay with her for the rest of his life.

Hearing this, Kalindi becomes angry and asks Arjun about his baby, which Niharika is carrying, and accuses Arjun of being cruel to abandon Niharika's baby for Rajjo.

When Rajjo hears Kalindi's statement, she claims that Kalindi still doesn't know the secret that Niharika and Pushkar have been keeping for so long and that the father of Niharika's baby is Amit, not Arjun.

When everyone hears this, they are stunned and have no idea what is going on.

Kalindi confirms Rajjo's statement to Niharika, asking her whether all of these claims are true or not.

Niharika's face is flushed because she is at a loss for words for what to do or how to deny all of this.

Arjun accuses Niharika of lying, to which Niharika responds that Arjun is leaving Niharika for an uneducated girl like Rajjo.

Arjun yells and shuts Niharika down, telling her not to say anything about Rajjo and stop acting immediately.

Rajjo finally tells everyone what has been going on all this time as  Niharika mixed a pill into Arjun's drink and took advantage of him.

However, Rajjo reveals that when she saw a pregnancy test in the garbage bin and saw Niharika puking, she knew that Niharika has been pregnant for a long time now.

Rajjo also claims that when Niharika sent the divorce papers as part of her evil plan.

Niharika refuses Rajjo's claim and accuses her of lying.

Swara then brings the divorce papers, and Rajjo takes Niharika's thumb and prints it on the paper.

When everyone notices that the thumbprint previously and now matches, they realize that Niharika has succeeded in her nefarious plan.

Kalindi questions Niharika about why she has been lying the entire time, to which Chirag responds that Kalindi has been supporting Niharika's lies and he cannot believe he has ever loved a woman like Kalindi.

Rajjo confronts Pushkar, claiming that when Niharika hit Amit with a rod, she thought he was dead, but he was just senseless, and when Niharika couldn't find Amit's body, she asked Pushkar to cover her sin.

Rajjo continues, saying that when Amit was shot, Pushkar thought he must have been dead, but Amit was wearing a bulletproof jacket.

Pushkar denies Rajjo's accusation and claims that boys like Amit are available for hire to tell whatever lies they want, but Arjun proves everyone wrong by playing the recording between Amit and Pushkar's conversation.

When Madhumalti sees all of this, she becomes agitated and yells at Pushkar.

Pushkar then reveals the truth about Madhumalti, disclosing that she assisted him in murdering Manorama.

Rajjo cannot believe her 'Maaji,' aka Madhumalti, would do such a thing, and Arjun goes on to explain to Madhumalti how much Rajjo has sacrificed for this family in exchange for such evil treatment.

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