Rajjo 4th March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 4th March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 4th March 2023 Written Update: Rajjo's written update

Today's Rajjo 4th March 2023 episode starts with Chirag and Swara begin explaining to Madhumalti how she has been wrong about Rajjo the entire time and has only judged people based on how much money they have.

Swara tells Madhumalti that Rajjo has been through a lot for this family.

Madhumalti shouts at Chirag and Swara and tells them to stop while she yells angrily at Pushkar, claiming that his trust and greed for money distracted her from what she was doing, and then begs Rajjo for forgiveness.

Arjun screams angrily at Madhumalti, telling her that Rajjo will never forgive her for what she did to Manorama for money.

She begs forgiveness and instructs Rajjo to forgive her, knowing that Rajjo has a big heart and that, she will not hold a grudge against Madhumalti.

Rajjo becomes emotional and responds to Madhumalti by saying she has a big heart but that doesn't give Madhumalti the right to break it every time and if she wanted, she could have separated herself from Arjun but chosen the difficult route.

Arjun continues to yell at Madhumalti, but Rajjo stops him, telling him to stop yelling at Madhumalti.

Seeing this Madhumalti and Arjun's eyes open because Rajjo is ready to forgive Madhumalti for her evil deeds after all of this.

Madhumalti then sobs and begs Rajjo and Arjun for forgiveness.

She tells Arjun that he should leave the Thakur mansion and go abroad to live a happy life with Rajjo.

Though not seeing her Lalla every day will be extremely painful for Madhumalti, she will convince her heart to bear the pain indefinitely.

Rajjo becomes emotional and approaches Madhumalti, claiming that she can see in Madhumalti's eyes and words how she is truly sorry for what she did and wishes to start over.

Rajjo instructs Arjun to inform Madhumalti that they are not leaving the Thakur mansion and will remain there indefinitely.

Chirag notices Pushkar and Niharika slowly sneaking out of the house as the three hug and celebrate their reunion.

When Niharika realizes she's going to jail, she begins to beg Pushkar for assistance.

Madhumalti notices that Manorama is missing from the house, and when she questions Rajjo about it, she panics because she can't find her mother anywhere.

Meanwhile, Manorama enters the room and informs Rajjo that she is now present and everything will be fine.

Pushkar flees the family, believing he will never be found, but a group of ladies stop him and accuse him of using them and ruining their lives.

Pushkar is shocked when he sees this, as Manorama claims that these women and she will never forgive Pushkar for what he did to them.

Manorama continues to say that she will seek justice for every woman he has wronged, but Pushkar pulls out a gun and points it at Manorama, threatening to shoot her if they come any closer to him.

She throws dust in his eyes, causing him to fall to the ground and the police then arrest Puahkar, but Manorama stops them for one last second and slaps Pushkar hard.

Madhumalti and Kalindi then ask Manorama for forgiveness because what they did was wrong, but Manorama responds that everything is fine now and she's glad that the truth is finally out in the open.

Manorama thanks Rajjo for easing her of the burden and shame of Pushkar and bringing justice to her and other women who were Pushkar's victims.

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