Rajjo 5th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 5th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 5th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 5th February 2023 episode starts with Arjun realizing his mistake and is desperate on searching for Rajjo.

While running, he finds her in the midst of a forest under dried leaves.

Arjun calls out for her but Rajjo is unconscious as Arjun cannot figure out whether she is dead or not. 

In the flashback from a while ago, Rajjo is seen to be searching for Manorama. 

She describes her height and her clothing, showing her desperation to find the latter to the lady in the village.

The lady in front of her stays quiet for a bit and shocks Rajjo by showing her a pair of bloodied shoes that belongs to Manorama as per Rajjo's description.

Meanwhile, in Thakur Mansion, Sia requests Arjun to cut the cake  Niharika brought it early in the morning while others regret not cutting a cake at midnight.

Madhumalti urges Arjun to cut it as well but Arjun makes a wish and prays for Rajjo to return home fast. 

Arjun declares that until Rajjo returns, he won't cut the cake and returns to his room.

Arjun then calls the mental hospital to get an update on Rajjo and the nurse lies about treating Rajjo at that time.

However, when Arjun threatens of sending the police, they confess that Rajjo ran away and they still haven't found her.

After the call, Arjun, confesses that he loves Rajjo so much and sneaks out to find her.

Meanwhile, Pushkar opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate Rajjo's going while  Madhumalti tries to stop him.

He is happy about the fact that Manorama and Rajjo are out of their lives and offers Madhu a glass of juice and consoles her that Manorama is dead and Rajjo is declared mentally ill so they should be relieved.

He also says that Rajjo neither has any money nor can she contact anybody but Madhumalti stops him by saying that Rajjo has enough courage to deal with anything in her way.

Madhumalti is tense about her son Arjun while Pushkar says that Arjun with will forget everything with time.

Back in the present, Arjun who is holding Rajjo's body in the forest asks her to wake up. 

In Thakur's house, Madhumalti and Pushkar get suspicious as their champagne bottle breaks.

As Madhumalti exits to wash the stain out of her saree, the lights of the house flicker and Pushkar sees a glimpse of Manorama in a horrific way.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Rajjo opens her eyes and calls for her Khad babu - Arjun but suddenly becomes unconscious again.

Pushkar investigates Rajjo's whereabouts and is tensed to know that Rajjo has escaped the mental hospital.

In the forest, a soft moment is seen between Arjun and Rajjo, and a romantic song is playing in the background.

Arjun seems guilty and apologizes for sending her alone to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Madhumalti is very angry because Pushkar is feeling threatened and is drunk early in the morning, and it is impossible to see the dead Manorama's ghost.

They both conflict about the broken bottle and now Pushkar tells Madhu the shocking news of Rajjo's escape.

They ask each other what can be the solution to the current situation.

Shocking them all, Arjun returns home with Rajjo and Madhumalti pretends to be her well-wisher by asking Arjun to send Rajjo to the hospital.

However, Arjun declares as he holds Rajjo close to his chest that she is not a threat to anybody in the house and he will take full responsibility for her.

Kalindi and Chirag look down as Arjun says that he doesn't care if anyone has a problem because he will not be leaving Rajjo's side at any cost.

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