Rajjo 5th March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 5th March 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 5th March 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 5th March 2023 episode starts with Rajjo entering the room but finding all the lights off.

Arjun approaches Rajjo with a candle and he asks that although they love each other, does Rajjo want them to stay together?

Rajjo warns that if Arjun allows anyone near him, she will again run away.

Rajjo says she wants to spend the rest of her life with Arjun as he praises her for being perfect.

She hugs Arjun, when he warns her that Madhumalti along with Chirag, Swara, and Kalindi is approaching them.

When the lights are turned on, Rajjo understands that Arjun wasn't lying and Arjun says that they have come to her to propose to her to stay with the family.

Rajjo sheds tears of happiness as Chirag asks if she doesn't want to stay with them.

Madhumalti asks Rajjo to be Arjun's wife as she has to take responsibility for the house along with others.

Swara suddenly confesses that her pregnancy was a lie and Rajjo was helping her.

Rajjo says that if Mukund did not attempt to divorce Swara, then she wouldn't have lied.

Madhumalti says that it was her duty to look after others rather than create fear inside Swara which made her do such a thing.

Kalindi too consoles her that although Siya is her own daughter, still Swara is the one who mostly looks after her to which Chirag agrees too.

Jhilmil apologizes to Swara as they ask her not to leave them and the house.

Chirag then asks to call the priest to announce the time for Arjun and Rajjo's wedding.

After a while, Rajjo comes downstairs wearing the bridal lehenga as she stands before Arjun.

They marry each other successfully as Arjun promises to look after Rajjo for the rest of her life.

Rajjo too promises the same as they complete their marriage with Vermillion ritual.

At the same time, a man approaches the house and informs the Thakur's about being in charge of the national games.

He tells Rajjo that her viral video of running has been chosen by them and if she chooses to join the training program, then she has to take a flight to Delhi immediately.

However, Rajjo declines the proposal as she informs him that as a newly married bride, she has more responsibility in the house.

Madhumalti asks Rajjo to take everyone's blessing and after that when Manorama is asked if wants to join them at the temple, she remains silent.

Manorama tells them that she has got a job as a PT teacher at Neemtal and this upsets Rajjo as she won't stay with her.

Manorama consoles her as she promises to visit during the vacation and Arjun also tells them that they will visit Manorama sometimes.

She gives Arjun and Rajjo her blessings as she leaves for Neemtal.

After a while, Arjun attempts to kiss Rajjo inside their room but she stops him as she needs him to promise that they will stay and support each other throughout their life.

Arjun promises to do so as they indulge in romance.

Rajjo is happy to be with him as she tells Arjun that she will definitely miss her race training program but she also needs to give some time to the house as well as to their relationship.

After a few days, everyone waits for Arjun and Rajjo to get their flight to Maldives for their honeymoon.

However, Madhumalti is shocked to see Rajjo in a tracksuit.

Arjun declares that as he loves her, he is fulfilling her dream of getting back on track.

Rajjo asks if their decision is okay to which Madhumalti agrees, blessing Rajjo to be successful in anything she does.

Chirag takes a selfie as they won't be able to meet Rajjo for the next 6 months.

Kalindi teases her that when Rajjo gets famous, they might have to stand in a long queue to get her autograph to which Arjun comments that he will definitely be the one to stand at the front of the line.

Arjun then tells that it's not the age to get an autograph but rather a photograph as they all get together for a selfie and cheer best wishes for Rajjo.

End of Rajjo serial.

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