Rajjo 6th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 6th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 6th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 6th February 2023 episode starts with Manorama's ghost appearing where Pushkar is and scaring him.

However, Pushkar runs away after throwing a lit lap toward Manorama, causing that room to catch fire.

In the present, Arjun defends Rajjo and promises to protect her.

When other family members question his promise, suddenly Pushkar sides with Arjun as he feels suspicious.

Back in the room, Arjun offers Rajjo a glass of milk and asks about her condition but all Rajjo does is call out her mother.

Meanwhile, Madhumalti is angry with Pushkar to side with Arjun and consoles Pushkar that Manorama is dead.

While Madhumalti is tense about how to get rid of Rajjo, Pushkar is horrified about Manorama's ghost.

After Madhumalti leaves the room, Pushkar faces Manorama's ghost in the room.

Pushkar out of fear spills all the truth about him being Rajjo's biological father.

Manorama who appears all wild demands him to tell the truth to Rajjo, but Pushkar continuously denies doing so.

Manorama's ghost threatens Pushkar while Pushkar tries to throw a fire lamp toward her.

The room catches fire but Pushkar escapes whereas Manorama gets scared, stating that she is still alive and needs to escape the fire.

Suddenly, Manorama is saved by her daughter Rajjo and they hug and are happy to see each other.

Manorama is tense about Rajjo's condition but is relieved when Rajjo says she is fine after meeting her mother.

Rajjo asks Manorama if their plan is working and Manorama with all her frustration replies that they will definitely succeed with their plan.

They seem to be very happy but suddenly, they hear footsteps and hide quickly.

However, after the sound of the footsteps subsides, both of them remember the fire in the room and together they stop the fire from spreading.

Rajjo becomes emotional about Manorama and confesses that she feels heaven at the feet of her mother.

In a flashback, it is shown that Rajjo was saved from falling off the edge by her Manorama in the forest.

Rajjo gets to know about the killing plan Pushkar had planned for Manorama.

However, Manorama tells her the whole story of how she got rescued with the help of local people.

They provided Manorama with medication too and after 3 days, Manorama got cured.

Still in the flashback, Rajjo remembers how the local people told her that her faith and love, and good doings were the reason Manorama was saved.

However, a local man informed Rajjo just then that Arjun has come for Rajjo.

Manorama advised Rajjo earlier to still put up a show because they are still a victim at Rajjo's in-laws.

Meanwhile, Arjun searches for Rajjo in the flashback while the local man gives him the wrong direction to distract him.

That way, Manorama decides to collect all the evidence she can to prove their position and the truth of Manorama and Pushkar's relationship while Arjun sees Rajjo lying in a heap of dry leaves.

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