Rajjo 6th November 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 6th November 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 6th November 2022 Written Update: Rajjo's written update

Today's Rajjo 6th November 2022 episode starts with Urvashi telling Madhumalti that Arjun is getting tortured by Rajjo’s whims and demands.

Madhumalti gets concerned after hearing Urvashi’s statement and asks her what they can do to help Arjun.

Urvashi asks Madhumalti if she can take over all the duties and responsibilities as Arjun’s wife so that she can attack Rajjo.

Madhumalti gives Urvashi all the right to take decisions and assures her that she is with her in teaching Rajjo a lesson.

The following day, Arjun gets up at 3:30 am and checks on Rajjo sleeping outside on the floor before he takes off for training.

As Arjun starts his stretching, Rajjo appears in front of him and asks what he is doing there after waking up so early.

Arjun tells Rajjo that he is outside to train and asks her not to leave for her newspaper and milk distribution jobs.

Rajjo objects to Arjun’s decision but Arjun says that he is Rajjo’s master so she has to listen to his commands.

Arjun commands Rajjo to go inside the house and wash his dirty clothes as well as clean his room.

Rajjo gets heartbroken after hearing Arjun and goes inside to wash his dirty clothes while Arjun starts his hardcore practice.

On one hand, Arjun jumps rope in his practice while on the other hand, Rajjo jumps on Arjun’s dirty clothes while washing them.

After completing her work, Rajjo appears in front of Arjun while he pulls her closer to him by holding onto her dupatta.

Even if Rajjo tells him that she has finished her work, Arjun asks her to go back to the house and do other family members’ work.

Later, Urvashi and Arjun go out for practice after asking Rajjo to put wool inside blankets.

Rajjo says she does not answer useless people and Urvashi is of that type to her but agrees to do the work after Arjun tells her.

Arjun says that Urvashi is more important to him while intertwining his hands with her making Rajjo upset.

Rajjo loses her job of distributing newspapers and milk as she missed her work for two continuous days which makes her fall into distress.

Seeing Rajjo doing household work continuously, Chirag tells Rajjo that he will do it and asks her to go and practice for her upcoming race.

However, Madhumalti stops Rajjo and asks her to come inside for work.

While walking past the corridor, Rajjo hears Urvashi talking with someone and suspects something wrong is going on.

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