Rajjo 7th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 7th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 7th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 7th February 2023 episode starts with Manorama telling Rajjo that they have to gain evidence against Pushkar to expose him to Arjun.

However, Rajjo tells her that all the points leading up to now are indicating that Madhu is the culprit.

Manorama is confused but Rajjo clarifies her doubt by telling her that Madhu even tried to display her as mentally ill to the family to send her to asylum.

Rajjo says that Madhumalti could have either joined Pushkar or it could be that Pushkar is blackmailing her.

Manorama makes Rajjo promise to not tell anything to Arjun until they have proof and tells her to act unconscious until Arjun finds her.

Back in the present, Rajjo tells Manorama that she is still a little hesitant about lying to Arjun while Manorama assures her that they will soon reveal the truth.

Later, Rajjo goes back to her room while Arjun comes there with soup for her and makes her sit beside him.

He blows on the soup and feeds it to Rajjo who thinks to tell Arjun the truth about Manorama.

However, before she can do that, Chirag calls Arjun outside and asks him why he has brought Rajjo home.

Chirag talks about Sia almost getting hurt and tells Arjun that Rajjo needs to be treated professionally.

Before the argument between Arjun and Chirag can escalate, Niharika comes there and scolds Chirag for upsetting Arjun.

Niharika tells Arjun to smile since his Rajjo is with him on his birthday and tells him that they will be celebrating it at night.

Before the party, Rajjo keeps a foil flower in the bed for Arjun and stands by the window as Arjun enters the room.

Arjun sees the flower and gets happy, thinking that Rajjo remembered their conversation.

He goes towards Rajjo and is about to speak to her but Niharika interrupts them.

She walks towards them and points towards the box on the bedside stand telling Arjun that she has brought a gift for him and that he cannot refuse it.

Arjun misunderstands and thinks that the foil flower is from Niharika and leaves without talking to Rajjo.

Elsewhere, Pushkar is still frantic about seeing Manorama's ghost while Madhu scares him by telling him that he will be humiliated if his daughter and granddaughter see him in this state.

He pulls out a gun while she taunts him, asking if Manorama's ghost is a zombie, and leaves, telling Pushkar to sleep and let her stay in peace also.

Back in Arjun and Rajjo's room, Arjun puts the cover over Rajjo's sleeping body after which she goes and takes out a dupatta from the closet.

He tightens the dupatta in his hand as he stands over Rajjo.

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