Rajjo 8th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 8th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 8th January 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 8th January 2023 episode starts with  Arjun thinking he is dumb for trying his best to make Rajjo’s dream come true.

He even says in anger that if Rajjo thinks there is nothing between them then so be it.

Standing in front of the mirror, Arjun gets even more frustrated as he recalls Rajjo’s words about how he has married her twice for reasons.

Meanwhile, Rajjo puts some laddus in the microwave but she leaves it when it does not turn on.

In the meantime, Arjun is descending the stairs still thinking about Rajjo’s words whereas Manorama is contemplating if she should tell Rajjo about Pushkar being evil.

Back in the kitchen, Rajjo gets shocked when the microwave starts a short circuit and she even switches off the microwave.

While Rajjo’s feet are rooted on the spot, the microwave suddenly explodes but Arjun jumps in to save Rajjo.

Hearing the explosion, everyone gathers in the kitchen and finds Rajjo scared in Arjun’s arms.

Manorama and Madhumalti both call out Rajjo and Arjun and Manroma hugs Rajjo whereas Madhumalti asks Arjun if he is okay.

However, when Rajjo reveals that she was just trying to warm the laddus made from the protein powder, Manorama accuses Pushkar of risking her daughter’s life by giving her the protein powder.

Madhumalti also thinks the same but does not voice her concern while Pushkar asks Manorama if she has taken any drugs.

Pushkar even announces that surely Rajjo has put some cutlery in the microwave along with powder that caused the explosion.

At the same time, Madhumalti urges Arjun to take Rajjo to his room, and even though Rajjo tries to tell everyone she did not put any cutlery in the microwave with the powder, Pushkar starts yelling that Rajjo has never seen a microwave in her village.

Everyone watches when Arjun picks up Rajjo in his arms and walks away.

Later in the room, Arjun does first aid to Rajjo’s wounds while Rajjo just stares at him.

Afterward, Rajjo notices some injuries on Arjun’s arms and neck and scolds Arjun for saving her in a concerned voice.

Rajjo even informs Arjun that he should have yelled at her from a distance but he risked his own life.

Taking some ointment in cotton, Rajjo comes closer to Arjun to treat his neck wound and her breath falls on his neck.

Arjun closes his eyes feeling the sensation while Rajjo gets flustered but she continues dressing.

However, when Rajjo questions Arjun about what she will do if something happens to him, Arjun walks away after muttering that Rajjo would hurt him like always.

Madhumalti who was hearing their conversation gets worried as she thinks at this rate Rajjo and Arjun will never come close.

Later in the night, Mahdumalti is wondering if Pushkar is trying to kill Rajjo even after knowing how important Rajjo is for Arjun’s life while standing on the balcony.

Standing right under the balcony, Manorama also self doubts herself as she is unsure if Pushkar is really doing any evil activity or maybe she is just anxious.

Afterward, the guru maa advises Madhumalti to hurry as Arjun’s “akal mrityu dosh” is getting very close, and Madhumalti nods.

The next morning, when Madhumalti informs Rajjo and Arjun that they are going to the Mahakal temple, Arjun and Rajjo both ask her why she did not tell them beforehand.

Rajjjo announces she will get ready in just thirty minutes but Arjun sarcastically remarks Rajjo will take more time to do her braids.

In reply, Rajjo tells Arjun will take bath in rose petals, and Chirag comments Arjun will put ittar on his body.

Madhumalti orders Arjun to stay at home with Rajjo so he can get close to her.

After everyone walks away, Arjun imagines Rajjo hitting him with arrows.

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