Rajjo 9th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 9th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 9th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo written update

Today's Rajjo 9th February 2023 episode starts with Pushkar noticing the blood on the carpet and realizing that Manorama is alive and she is trying to scare him by acting as the ghost.

He laughs maniacally as he states that even he'll play along the game and will teach Manorama a lesson.

Meanwhile, Arjun finds Rajjo in the room and starts scolding her for not waking him up and leaving without telling him.

Rajjo silences him by putting her hand over his mouth and says thar she had gone to get water.

Arjun tells Rajjo that he has made a decision that is going to change both of their lives but does not speak more about it.

The next morning, Madhumalti is busy in the preparation for the veneration while Pushkar asks her about Rajjo.

Madhu annoyingly states that Rajjo must be with her son, dancing around and trying to impress him.

Manorama passes by Pushkar while her head is covered with the veil.

However, before Pushkar can see her, Rajjo drags Manorama into a corner.

Further, Manorama tells Rajjo to not be involved in the plan anymore and gets into an agreement with Rajjo.

Rajjo recites the plan and states that Manorama will need two people.

Rajjo leaves, stating that she is going to help Manorama at any cost while Manorama wants to save Arjun and Rajjo's relationship.

Later, Arjun makes Rajjo sit down to have a routine check-up with the doctor while Manorama starts setting up the holy fire.

However, before she can add the powder to the Hawan Kund, Pushkar comes there making Manorama hide in a corner.

Further, Rajjo acts dizzy in front of Arjun and tells him that she'll go to rest while he stays with the doctor to talk to him.

Rajjo takes the powder from Manorama and acts dizzy again beside the Hawan Kund as she adds the powder to it while she falls.

Arjun rushes to Rajjo and takes her to their room while telling her that she can tell him anything.

Arjun helps Rajjo dress up and get ready for the veneration while Rajjo cannot keep her eyes from his.

She asks him what he wanted to tell her the previous night and Arjun reveals that he wanted to get her signatures on some document but it can wait till she gets better.

Rajjo asks what kind of documents and Arjun vaguely states that the documents will put an end to both their problem.

To change the topic, Arjun asks Rajjo if anything is left and she picks up the vermillion stating, the most important thing is left.

He fills her hairline and tells her that one more thing is left.

Rajjo curiously turns towards the mirror and looks over herself, trying to figure out what is missing while Arjun slides his finger over her Kajal and puts it behind her ear stating that may no evil fall on her.

Later, as the couple is walking downstairs to go to the veneration, Manorama sees them and stares, trying to look for a way out so they don't notice her.

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