Roadies 18 10th April 2022 Written Update: Journey in South Africa Episode 3

Roadies 18 10th April 2022 Written Update: Journey in South Africa Episode 3

Roadies Season 18 10th April 2022 Written Update: Roadies 19 written update

Today's Roadies 18 10th April 2022 episode starts with Team Brown Munde sitting to hear their camp tents and discussing their game tactics.

Meanwhile, Team Loyalty huddles together on the other part of the campsite and discuss among themselves who will get the immunity and who will get the Roadiums.

Immunity and Roadiums

The buddy pairs getting immunity are Simi Talsania-Sohil Jhuti and Aarushi Chawda-Arsh Wahi.

Meanwhile the remaining buddy pairs get Roadiums.

Ego fight

The next morning, Baseer Ali and Kevin Almasifar get into an argument while other contestants try to separate them as Gaurav Alugh starts that it was an unrequited fight for ego.

Later, the contest get ready as they get a message that they will habehave their first vote-out making everyone nervous.

Vote-out process

Sonu Sood enters the camp area and greets the contestants after which he acknowledges the fight between Baseer and Kevin.

Kevin apologies saying that he shouldn't have gotten personal and tries to turn the tables saying that Baseer was the one who brought up personal matters first.

However, Baseer refuses of doing so when suddenly Moose Jattana starts blaming Kevin for badmouthing her which Yukti Arora clarifies.

Vote-out results

All the drama ends and Sonu tells the contestants to vote for the buddy pair they want to eliminate and shocks them with the news that not one but two buddy pairs will be voted out.

After the declaration of votes, Sapna Malik-Angad Bawa and Kavya Khurana-Sidharth Manoj get the highest votes and are voted out.

Final Surprise by Sonu Sood

However, Sonu again shocks them by saying that they are not eliminated yet and can save themselves from elimination by connecting 5000 Roadiums which they can get either from their friends or the survival task that they will be playing.

After the Roadium exchange among the contestants, Sapna-Angad have 3000 while Kavya-Sidharth have 750.

Lastly, Team Loyalty berates Sara for helping the opposite team while Team Brown Munde fights with Yukti for not following up with the plan.

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