Roadies 18 12th June 2022 Written Update, Episode 26

Roadies 18 12th June 2022 Written Update, Episode 26

Roadies Season 18 12th June 2022 Written Update: Roadies 19 written update

Today's Roadies 18 12th June 2022 episode starts with Arushi Chawla arguing with Sohil Jhuti and telling him that Kevin Almasifar and Baseer Ali deserve the immunity.

Sohil fights for immunity

However, Sohil stays firm on his decision about wanting immunity and Arushi lets him having with the statement that they are bad captains.

Moose Jattana also announces that she doesn't want to give up her immunity which leads to them having conflicts.


Later, Sonu Sood greets the contestants at the vote-out and learns about the immunity conflict.

Moose and Baseer get into an argument while Soundous Moufakir says that no one wants to pair up with Moose due to her attitude which isn't liked by the roadies.

Sonu solves Team A's problems

At last, Sonu informs Team A to give their answers immediately, or else the rewards will be given to Team B.

Soun-Baseer decide to take 1000 roadiums while Kevin-Moose and Sohil-Siddharth Manoj get the immunity.

Vote Out begins

The vote-out starts and Sonu reveals the names and initially four votes are of only Aarushi Dutta-Jashwanth Bopanna.

Sakshi Singh-Arushi gets seven votes, leading them to be teary-eyed while one vote gets added to Aarushi-Jash.

Results of Vote-Out

The last three votes are also named after Sakshi-Arushi revealing that they are eliminated.

Sakshi-Arushi confront their friends

Sakshi gets emotional and tells Aashish Bhatia that she didn't expect it from him while he gives an excuse that it was for her mental health.

Sonu asks Aashish if he thinks what he did was correct in his sense which silences everyone.

Arushi confronts Yukti Arora, but Yukti just looks down, saying she had no reason and just did as planned.

Kevin feels heartbroken once again

Kevin reveals that he is shocked to learn that Moose voted for Arushi-Sakshi while she reasons that she did it for her game.

Lastly, Arushi asks Yukti for a hug and bids goodbye as she leaves with Sakshi.

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