Roadies 18 19th June 2022 Written Update, Episode 28

Roadies 18 19th June 2022 Written Update, Episode 28

Roadies Season 18 19th June 2022 Written Update: Roadies 19 written update

Today's Roadies 18 19th June 2022 episode starts with the roadies exploring their new campsite and enjoying it with their loved ones.

The roadies tease Siddharth Manoj and Simmi Talsania for going out together.

Meanwhile, Baseer Ali and Soundous Moufakir also clear out their misunderstanding.

Hoop Hoop Hooray

Later the bodies get a new roadium task which is a basketball game and is meant to bond the buddy pairs with their partners.

Kevin Almasifar-Moose Jattana, Baseer-Soun, and Nandini G.-Ashish Bhatia win 200 roadiums per buddy pair while the rest buddy pairs don't get anything.

Later, the roadies are greeted by Sonu Sood at their next task location which is a trampoline park.

Ball Baby Ball task

Sonu Sood informs them that the buddy pairs will be divided into two teams with the unchosen one being in the danger zone.

Team A consists of Kevin-Moose, Baseer-Soun and, Gaurav Alugh-Simi while Team B consists of Ashish-Nandu, Jashwanth Bopanna-Arushi Dutta and, Sohil Jhuti-Sid leaving Yukti Arora-Arsh Wahi are left in the danger zone.

Sonu explains the rules and instructions to them and reveals that they will be playing dodge ball while jumping on the trampoline.

In the first round, Team B leads by 11 points while Team A manages to score only 5 points.

In the second, Team B again leads with 11 points while Team A scores 7 points.


Sonu reveals to them that the total of all the rounds for team B is 42 and for team A is 25 making team B the winners.

Sonu congratulates team B and reveals to them that the immune pair, that is Ashish-Nandu are awarded 1000 roadiums.

However, between Sid-Sohil and Arushi-Jash, one will get immunity while the other will get 1000 roadiums.

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