Roadies 18 1st May 2022 Written Update: Journey In  South Africa Episode 12

Roadies 18 1st May 2022 Written Update: Journey In South Africa Episode 12

Roadies Season 18 1st May 2022 Written Update: Roadies 19 written update

Today's Roadies 18 1st May 2022 episode starts with Baseer Ali and Jashwant Bopanna enjoying their victory by sitting in the shade while Nandini G braids Baseer's hair.

Baseer gets offers from Kevin, Aashish

Meanwhile, Yukti Arora suggests Kevin Almasifar ask Baseer directly about who was talking ill about him.

Further, Kevin goes to Baseer and asks him but Baseer says that he will reveal after the vote-out.

Kevin thinks that he can't trust anyone and that he needs Baseer to stay in the game.

Aashish Bhatia also goes to Baseer and asks him to join hands while Baseer says that he will think about it.

Dancing task for the Roadies

Afterward, the roadies are given a task in which they will have to do a fusion of African-Indian music and prepare a dance with the help of Infinix phones and laptops.

Soundous Moufakir tries to teach the choreography to Kevin but he says that he will need Aarushi Chawla's help.

Meanwhile, Aashish is frustrated at Sakshi Singh for not being able to get the choreography correctly.

Special Judge Edrien Erasmus

In the evening, Sonu Sood greets the roadies and tells them that their dances will be evaluated by the famous actress of Africa, Edrien Erasmus.

Sonu informs Baseer-Jash that if they get the first position, they will get a special power as they already have the immunity.

Start of a memorable night filled with enjoyment

The dance competition starts with Jash and Baseer and gets a standing ovation and applause.

Nandani-Yukti's sensual dance amazes everyone as they get complimented by everyone.

Aarushi-Arsh Wahi's performance on 'Cutipie' leaves everyone laughing out of their seats.

Simi Talsania-Sohil Jhuti's expressive performance makes everyone leap out of their chairs in excitement.

Lastly, Sakshi-Aashish forget their choreography but makes everyone join them including the judges creating a happy environment.

Winners of the task

In the end, Sonu reveals that in the third place, Nandini-Yukti gained 500 Roadiums, in the second place, Simi-Sohil gained 1000 Roadiums and lastly, in the first place, Sakshi-Aashish gained immunity as their prize.

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