Roadies 18 22nd April 2022 Written Update: Journey in South Africa Episode 7

Roadies 18 22nd April 2022 Written Update: Journey in South Africa Episode 7

Roadies Season 18 22nd April 2022 Written Update: Roadies 19 written update

Today's Roadies 18 22nd April 2022 episode starts with the roadies going to their hotel and celebrating Nandini G’s amazing performance at the surfing round.

Sudden vote-out  

Just then, they get a message on their infinix phone to count their Roadiums and meet Sonu Sood at their location for the vote-out. 

Both the teams start planning whom to vote out when Baseer Ali tells Ashish Bhatia that he will be voted out if he doesn’t vote for Simi Talsania-Sohil Jhuti buddy pair. 

However, Ashish doesn’t give them an answer till the time to go to the location comes which makes the team Nusta Tiger annoyed at him. 

Later, at the location, Sonu Sood greets the Roadies and asks them how they are feeling, while Baseer and his team scold Ashish for not giving them any decision. 

A chance at immunity

Sonu reveals that from the results of today’s task, two buddy pairs, namely, Gaurav Alugh-Moose Jattana and Nandini-Yukti Arora can get a chance to win immunity by giving 4000 Roadiums. 

However, Gaurav-Moose has only 1400 Roadiums while Nandini-Yukti has 2900 Roadiums. 

Sonu gives them time to pitch to other members to give them their Roadiums and reach 4000 Roadiums to win the immunity. 

Kavya Khurana-Sidharth Manoj gives their 1610 Roadiums to Gaurav-Moose without any hesitation. 

However, Arushi Dutta-Tanish Ghorpade tries to argue that Gaurav-Moose don’t need the Roadiums but gives them their 750 Roadiums at the end. 

Kevin Almasafar tells Arushi that his team will target her if she gives Roadiums to Gaurav-Moose. 

Lastly, Baseer-Jashwanth Boppanna gives all their 300 Roadiums to Gaurav-Moose making Gaurav-Moose's total 4060 Roadiums. 

Gaurav-Moose get immunity by giving 4000 Roadiums and are left with only 60 Roadiums in the end.

They give 4000 Roadiums to gain immunity while Sonu announces that Baseer-Jashwanth, Arushi Dutta-Tanish, and Kavya Khurana-Sidharth have zero Roadiums. 

Vote-out process starts

Afterward, the vote-out begins and all the Roadies start voting for the buddy pair that they want to eliminate. 

Tanish and Arushi Dutta get the highest votes and are exited from the show while other Roadies bid them goodbye. 

Kevin tells the camera that his revenge for his friend Sapna Malik is complete now. 

The Roadies go back to their hotel and Kevin says that he feels that Ashish feels like a part of his team from now on for voting against Tanish-Arushi Dutta 

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