Roadies 18 29th May 2022 Written Update, Episode 22

Roadies 18 29th May 2022 Written Update, Episode 22

Roadies Season 18 29th May 2022 Written Update: Roadies 19 written update

Today's Roadies 18 29th May 2022 episode starts with Soundous Moufakir discussing with Nikita G. and other girls about the story cooking up between Baseer and her contradicting how they had been a few weeks ago. 

In Aarushi Dutt’s opinion, Baseer’s involvement with a member of the Bicchoo team can prove deadly for his game and team members as well.

Moving forward, all the roadies leave for the task location with Soundous riding with Baseer.

Sonu Sood informs that Kevin and Tanish are still recovering and at the same time teases Soundous about not missing Kevin.

Aarushi Dutta and Soundous get paired up again by Sonu Sood for the task.

Cliff Hanger Immunity Task

Sonu explains the task that each pair has to collect 10 gemstones while descending the cliff and for each gemstone, 10 seconds will keep reducing from the given time for the task.

Initiation of the Task

The buddy pairs get ready for their tasks and share their views on the camera on how they feel about the task.  

At first, Simi Talsania and Sohil Singh go for the task.

Next goes Sidharth Manoj for the task, leaving his partner Kavya Khurana behind who is so scared and wasted a lot of time.

Following them, Baseer and Jashwant go for the task with full confidence.

Yukti Arora and Nandini G. go next with Yukti being so afraid.

At last, Soundous and Aarushi go to perform the task with Soundous picking up the stones with full agility.

Immunity Task Result

Sonu announces the results of all the buddy pairs and mentions that Baseer and Jashwant got the neck-to-neck fight from Soundous and Aarushi. 

Even though Aarushi and Soundous didn't beat Baseer and Jashwant, they got 500 rodiums each while Baseer and Jashwant got the immunity.

End of the Task

Later on, all the roadies go to the Villa where they all have a very nice time.

Girls get envious when they get to know that Yukti's room has books.

Further on, Soundous spoils everybody's mood by initiating a fight with Yukti all of a sudden.

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