Roadies 18 3rd July 2022 Written Update, Episode 32

Roadies 18 3rd July 2022 Written Update, Episode 32

Roadies Season 18 3rd July 2022 Written Update: Roadies 19 written update

Today's Roadies 18 3rd July 2022 episode starts with Moose Jattana getting ready to skydive while Kevin Almasifar says that he trusts her to do well in the task.

Moose manages to get all the green tiles correct and Kevin hugs her out of happiness.

Simi Talsania and Gaurav Alugh also complete the task of getting all the tiles correctly.

Afterward, Sohil Jhuti does the skydiving but forgets the tiles leading to them getting six penalties.


Sonu Sood informs the roadies once again that the buddy pair with the most time will be eliminated while the buddy pair with the least time will get an advantage.

Sohil-Siddharth Manoj get the highest time and gets eliminated.

Emotional moment for Roadies

Yukti Arora gets emotional to see her best friend Sohil leave while he tries to comfort her.

Simi also tries to cheer up Sid by telling him to not get discouraged by the hurtful words others throw at him.

Ticket To Finale

Sonu further reveals that Kevin-Moose is the ones with the lowest time and gets the advantage in the form of a ticket to the finale.

Everyone claps for them while Kevin praises Moose saying that she is the one who took him to the finale.

Roadies Da Dhaba

Later, at the next location, Sonu informs the roadies that they will have to make noodles for the audience and gain points from the guest chef Leroux Botha and the audience.

A Twist in the task

However, Sonu reveals that the buddy pairs will have to sell the dish to the audience and the collected amount will be valuable in the results.

All the roadies dance and entertain the audience to get their dishes to sell.

Results of the task

The next day, Sonu greets the roadies and informs the amount collected by each buddy pair.

Yukti-Jash collected 430 and Ashish Bhatia-Nandani G. collected 603 while Simi-Gaurav collected 1260.

However, the markings out of 10 from the chef reveal that Ashish-Nandu and Yukti-Jash got 8 while Simi-Gaurav got 9.

This reveals that Simi-Gaurav won the task and get hampers along with an advantage that will be revealed in the future.

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