Roadies 18 7th May 2022 Written Update: Journey In South Africa, Episode 14

Roadies 18 7th May 2022 Written Update: Journey In South Africa, Episode 14

Roadies Season 18 7th May 2022 Written Update: Roadies 19 written update

Today's Roadies 18 7th May 2022 episode starts with Yukti Arora and Nandani G. getting eliminated from the vote-out.

Nandu-Yukti's Elimination with a Saving Opportunity

However, Sonu Sood reveals to the roadies that they can save Yukti-Nandu from elimination if any three pairs are willing to give all of their roadiums.

Simi Talsania-Sohil Juthi and Aashish Bhatia-Sakshi Sharma buddy pair agree to give their roadiums immediately while Kavya Khurana-Siddharth Manoj refuses to give their roadiums.

Kevin-Soundous give their Roadiums to Save Nandu-Yukti

The last two buddy pairs who can help Nandu-Yukti are Aarushi Chawla-Arsh Wahi and Kevin Almasifar-Soundous Moufakir while Nandu requests them to help saying that Roadies is her dream.

Surprisingly, Sound says that she is ready to give her Roadiums and states that she respects Nandu’s dream knowing how hard it is to pursue one’s dreams.

At last, Sonu says that Nandu-Yukti are saved but their’s and the other three pairs who helped them, their Roadium count is nill now.

Aarushi's Futile Attempt to Rekindle Friendships

Later, at the campsite, Aarushi tries to convince Yukti to sit down with her and Kevin and sort out their issues but Yukti refuses saying that she cannot trust their friendship.

Aarushi feels helpless losing both Kevin and Yukti as the night ends and a new day arrives.

However, in the morning, Aarushi realizes that the fault was Arsh’s who misheard the conversation and relayed wrong information causing the whole chaos.

'Aata Maizy Satakli' Immunity Task

Afterward, all the roadies reach their task location where Sonu reveals to them that they will be paired into two teams and will further have to clear the bush maze and find tags of the countries to win the task.

Team A includes Arsh-Arushi, Kevin-Soun, Aashish-Sakshi, and team B includes Sid-Kavya, Baseer Ali-Jash, and Nandu-Yukti while Simi-Sohil will not be participating in the task.

During the task, team A focused on getting the tags while team B focused more on getting the leverages.

Kevin's Wish to Leave the Show

At the end of the task, Sonu asks Kevin how he feels while Kevin reveals that he just wants to leave the show as the only person he cared about, Arushi doesn’t trust him anymore.

Results and Winners

Revealing the results of the task, Sonu reveals that team A has won and tells them that will get immunity for one pair and Roadiums for the remaining two pairs of the team.

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