Roadies 19 13th August 2023 Written Update, Episode 22

Roadies 19 13th August 2023 Written Update, Episode 22

Roadies Season 19 13th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Roadies 19 13th August 2023 episode starts with the roadies going to their campsite and thinking about whom to nominate in the vote-out.

Team Rhea is happy since they have enough immunity to save most of their gang members.

Just then, surprisingly, Sonu Sood comes there and greets all the roadies and sits with them to talk.

They all have a happy and inspiring conversation and Sonu leaves after which the roadies get ready for elimination.

At the vote-out site, Sonu and the gang leaders tease Sachin for his crush on Akriti.

Coming to immunities, Prince Narula saves Prianka G. and Aashika.

Gautam saves Rajveer, Prakram, Himanshu, Piyu, and Digvikay leaving Pallavi and Nejm in the unsafe zone while Rhea saves Sachin, Neerja, Rishabh, Abhirup, Shayan, and Akriti leaving Bhoomika, Tanu and Nyyra in the unsafe zone.

Coming to the paid immunity, the price is set at 4000 roadiums and Rhea chooses to not save anyone while Prince saves Siwet telling him that it is his responsibility to bring back the roadiums.

Bringing in a surprise, Sonu reveals that not two but four roadies will be going back home today.

Sonu shocks them by introducing another twist stating that it is going to be an internal vote-out as the gang members will vote against their own members who are unsafe.

Tanu gets emotional and Team Rhea comforts her while Sonu tells them to get ready for their first open vote-out.

From Gautam's team, most of the votes are against Liza while from Rhea's team, most of the votes are against Nyrra with the reason that she is not as loyal to the team because of her relationship with Siwet.

She cries that she and Siwet stated from the start that their teams will be their priority.

As for Prince's team, most of the votes are against Priyanka C.

Nyrra cries to Sachin and Rishabh that their doubt and comment made her break up with Siwet while they themselves voted her out without discussing her.

Siwet gets emotional stating that he knows he did not betray Nyra while Priyanka G. states that Siwet did talk ill about Nyra.

Before leaving, Nyra reveals that Sachin outed the information to Vashu that he is the third priority.

Sachin reasons that he had his priority while Nyra mocks him telling him to accept that he made a mistake but he doesn't.

The three bid goodbye and leave after which Sonu informs the seven unsafe roadies that they will decide who is the fourth roadie who will leave.

Vashu, Naveen, and Joginder vote against Bhoomika even after their alliance which angers Gang Leader Prince and Gang Rhea.

Both Naveen and Bhoomika get three votes each with the last vote being against Pallavi making them tie.

Prince bursts on his gang telling them that he has never gotten this dumb team in his entire journey.

To break off the tie, Sonu reveals that the immune roadies will now vote for Bhoomika and Naveen.

Naveen gets voted out and he bids the roadies goodbye.

UEnd of Today's Roadies 19 13th August 2023 Episode 22.

Roadies 19 13th August 2023, Episode 22, Promo

MTV Roadies is back with its 19th season named Roadies Karm Ya Kaand with new exciting twists and a lot of shocking betrayals to entertain the audience. 

The latest promo for this weekend's Roadies Karm Ka Kaand 19 (13th August 2023) shows Sonu Sood revealing to the gang leaders at the elimination site that the unsafe roadies have once again chosen to do Kaand and turned their backs on their teams for their own safety.

The gang leaders Gautam Gulati and Prince Narula are shown getting at their gang for not being loyal to their own team and being selfish while Sonu comments that there will be four roadies going home today shocking everyone.

Another promo for Roadies 2023 (13-8-2023) shows a fight ensuing between Gang leader Prince and his once most loyal gang member Siwet.

To get to know more, download Roadies Season 19 all episodes or watch MTV Roadies 2023 online today's (13 August 2023) latest full episode, go to

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