Roadies 19 19th August 2023 Written Update, Episode 23

Roadies 19 19th August 2023 Written Update, Episode 23

Roadies Season 19 19th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Roadies 19 19th August 2023 episode starts with Prince Narula coming to his gang's tent at the campsite and scolding Siwet and Vashu for voting against Bhoomika.

Siwet tries to reason that they betrayed him first while Prince explains to him that they need to be together and work as a gang until they reach the finale.

He angrily tells Vashu, Joginder, and Siwet to not pitch for immunity next time while Aashika gets emotional due to their team's bad performance.

The next day, a scroll comes there and the roadies get ready for their next task and arrive at the task location.

Sonu Sood greets the roadies and gang leaders and reveals both will be performing the task today.

Roadies will be performing in the first stage showing their physical strength while the gang leaders will be showing their mental abilities in the second stage.

In the Teen Patti, Gul Batti task, one member from each group will go into the wooden cue and climb the next to get the photos of the roadies.

They will have to ring the gong and jump into the net after which they have to rush to the table and put the card in the amount that they think is good enough for the roadie on the photo.

In the second stage, the leaders will play cards with the roadie's photos and will win one immunity for each round.

Gautam Gulati chooses Himanshu, Piyu, and Rajveer while Prince chooses Vashu, Aashika, and Siwet.

From Rhea's team, Neerja, Sachin, and Rishabh which Akriti does not like.

In the first stage, Piyu gets injured as she falls on the wooden log instead of the net but still completes her task gaining respect.

As for the second round, the leader who pulls out the biggest card will win the round and gain immunity.

Gautam pulls out Digvijay the ace from the deck of cards and gets immunity while Shayan and Prem become unsafe.

Further, Gautam again gains immunity by pulling out Rajveer the queen while Abhirup and Joginder become unsafe.

In the next round, Rhea pulls out the ace Tanu and gets immunity while Prekram and Siwet become unsafe.

Prince pulls out Aashika the queen but Gautam pulls out Himanshu the ace of the diamond when Rhea changes the game by throwing in the card Rishabh who is the ace of hearts and winning the round and immunity.

In the fifth round, Rhea pulls out King of Spades Bhoomika and wins immunity for her while Piyu and Vashu.

For the last round, Prince pulls out Priyanka G. the Joker card and wins her immunity leaving the rest Sachin, Neerja, Akriti from Rhea's team, and Pallavi from Gautam's team unsafe.

The gangs return to the campsite and Rhea and Gautam's team try to interact but fail again as Piyu and Bhoomika get into an argument.

Priyanka G. jumps into the argument and starts mocking Piyu which no one likes while Himanshu and Prakram get also get into an altercation.

End of Today's Roadies 19 19th August 2023, Episode 23.

Roadies 19 19th August 2023, Episode 23, Promo

MTV Roadies is back with its 19th season named Roadies Karm Ya Kaand with new exciting twists and a lot of entertainment this season.

The latest promo for this weekend's Roadies Karm Ka Kaand 19 (19th August 2023) shows Sonu Sood revealing to the gang leaders and the gang members that their next task will be a little more interesting than usual.

The gang members get excited while Sonu Sood informs them that they have to perform as Madaris while the other gang members from their team will dance to the Madaris tunes.

Another promo for Roadies 2023 (19-08-2023) shows a fight ensuing between the team members over personal matters.

To get to know more, download Roadies Season 19 all episodes or watch MTV Roadies 2023 online today's (19 August 2023) latest full episode, go to

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