Roadies 19 1st October 2023 Written Update, Episode 36

Roadies 19 1st October 2023 Written Update, Episode 36

Roadies Season 19 1st October 2023 Written Update

Today's Roadies 19 1st October 2023 episode starts with Sonu Sood welcoming the roadies and the gang leaders to the elimination site.

He informs them of the roadium money they have right now and reveals that he has three immunities in the shop for them to buy at 1500 each.

Rhea saves Vashu and Rishabh while Sonu tells Prince Narula that he can do Karm by giving 1000 roadiums to Gautam Gulati since he already has 500 roadiums.

As for the eliminations, two contestants will be leaving today but only one will be eliminated.

However, the eliminated roadie will select one other contestant to take home with them.

The elimination starts and ends as Sonu starts revealing the names.

Akriti gets the most votes while Gautam gets upset as he calls out Bhoomika for voting against Akriti for her own personal revenge.

Sachin gets on his knees and apologizes while Sonu tells Akriti that now she has to make a decision on whether to take her revenge or do the gang's favor.

Gautam tells Akriti to do what she feels is right as he would gladly let Bhoomika go for what she has done today.

Akriti chooses Bhoomika and they both bid goodbye to the roadies as Sonu reveals that they have survived Sisu and are on to their final destination, Kaza.

At night, Prince and his wife Yuvika greet everyone at the campsite and enjoy their last night in Sisu dancing and having fun.

The following day, all the roadies get on their bikes and start their journey towards Kaza.

However, on their way, Pallavi Tanu gets into an accident and gets injured as they get immediate medical assistance.

They reach Kaza at night and sleep away their tiredness waking up the next morning ready for their final journey.

At the task site, the roadies are surprised to see the set which resonates with Egypt and mummies.

In the task, the two roadies from each gang will go into the ancient ruins to find three rolls of clothes after which they will have to go into the Akhada and fight with the opposite gang's member and remove the ribbons from their backs to win against them.

The opposite gang member will further be turned into a mummy using the three rolls from the ancient ruins.

They will pull the mummy through the two slides propped and then attach him to the cart using which they have to push him towards three ceramic masks to get the key.

Using the key, they have to put the mummy into the coffin and lock it with the key.

Sachin and Prakram go first and manage to get the rolls while both Gautam and Sonu get angry with them for harming Vashu and not handling him properly.

Gautam and Prince's team manage to complete the task while Himashu becomes the mummy for Rhea's gang and continues irritating them by not cooperating at the mummy angering Rhea.

Gautam's team completes the task in 9 minutes and 14 seconds while Prince's team completes the task in 8 minutes and 23 minutes.

However, Rhea's team completed the task in 9 minutes and 19 seconds but due to the mummy's foul, the time was reduced to 7 minutes and 19 seconds making them the winner.

Prince's team tries to argue while Sonu stops them reasoning that Himanshu was at fault.

Siwet and Himanshu get into an argument with Rishabh while Sonu calms them saying that no one is a favorite of the show.

End of Today's Roadies 19 1st October 2023 Episode 36.

Roadies 19 1st October 2023, Episode 36

MTV Roadies 2023 is back with its 19th season named Roadies Karm Ya Kaand with shocking twists and turns after each task and elimination.

The latest promo for this weekend's Roadies Karm Ya Kaand 19 (1 October 2023) shows the contestants flying into each other and continuing the task even after getting injured, making all the gang leaders and host Sonu Sood cheer for them.

It also seems that Prince Narula's gang won the task due to their expressions at the end of the task.

Another promo for Roadies 2023 (01-10-2023) shows Sonu Sood informing the gangs and gang leaders that there will be a double elimination for sure making the roadies worried.

To get to know more, download Roadies Season 19 episodes or watch MTV Roadies 2023 online today's (1 October 2023) latest full episode, go to

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