Roadies 19 29th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 17

Roadies 19 29th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 17

Roadies Season 19 29th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Roadies 19 29th July 2023 episode starts with all the contestants feeling tensed after the elimination as another scroll comes in.

The scroll tells them that it is time to celebrate after surviving the elimination and states that today's task is going to be an entertaining one with lots of dance, drama, and patiala vibes!

Sonu Sood shares a memory lane!

The housemates get ready excitedly and go to their gang leaders to practice for the performance.

Team Rhea starts telling the team to gear up as they have lost previously and relays her idea to them.

Meanwhile, Gautam Gulati tells his team that they have to prepare more than other teams as even though they have won, they are a target.

The team starts relaying their ideas but Gautam tells them that he has the idea and they just have to execute it.

Different from both of them, Prince Narula's team is having fun with him as they rehearse with joy.

At night, Sonu Sood greets the audience which is the youth of Patiala, and talks about how his mother informed his father through a telegram that they are blessed with a boy.

Winning team will get 3000 Roadiums and 2nd will get 2000

The gang leaders greet the audience and tell them that they have prepared exciting performances for them.

Sonu reveals that the audience has been roadiums using which they will support the team whose performance they like.

Fifty percent of votes will be in the hands of the audience while the rest fifty will be in Sonu's hands.

Rhea's team gets worried since there is huge popularity of Prince and Gautam in Patiala while Sonu reveals that the winning team will get 3000 Roadiums with 2nd getting 2000 and the last one getting only a thousand roadiums.

The Wakhra Swag task starts and Gautam's team goes first while the crowd cheers hearing an army song and the roadies doing a skit of army training and war.

Prince jokes that he thinks he is seeing the auditions again while Priyanka C. jokes that there was no performance only the fighting. 

Rishabh and Joginder has a message

The next performance is of team Rhea who tells the audience that they have a message they want to give through the performance.

The performance starts with Rishabh and Joginder sitting together holding each other's hand while stating that they have only loved each ofter and that love is not a crime.

The skit shows how they slowly convince the gay couple's parents and the society that their love is not a crime and start dancing making everyone excited.

They also dance with the crowd making Prince's gang see them as a competition.

The last task performance is by gang Prince.

The team is confident that they will win since their team has all the spice, humor, and drama while Prince starts commenting on Rhea and Gautam's performance.

The gang leaders get annoyed at his judgment while Prince's team starts doing a comedy skit.

Prince Narula's Team Wins

The crowd roars seeing Gary as Gauri as he starts flirting with the audience and the other contestants.

The other two teams also start dancing while Prince stops the performance and starts doing the Bhangra instead.

The song changes once again and Prince starts singing making the team leaders annoyed that his popularity is being used while the gang is in the back seat.

In the end, Sonu Sood tells the gangs that all of their performance was awesome.

According to the audience and votings, Prince's team comes first and wins 3000 roadiums while Rhea's team wins 2000 roadiums at 2nd place.

Gautam's gang gets only 1000 roadiums while the team isn't too miffed about it since they had expected Prince's to win.

However, seeing the rift between Gang Rhea and Gang Prince, they think that they won the game this way.

End of today's Roadies Season 19 29th July 2023 Written Update.

Roadies 19 29th July 2023, Episode 17, Promo

MTV Roadies is back with its 19th season named Roadies Karm Ya Kaand with new and more interesting tasks for the contestants and for the viewers to watch.

The latest promo for this weekend's Roadies Karm Ka Kaand 19 (29th July 2023) shows the winning gang of the previous episode giving a bhangra performance to celebrate their victory while the other two gangs are in serious competition to get ahead of each other.

Another promo for Roadies 2023 (29-7-2023) shows the gang leaders Prince Narula and Rhea Chakraborty getting into a verbal argument over the performance of their gang members.

To get to know more, download Roadies Season 19 all episodes or watch MTV Roadies 2023 online today's (29 July 2023) latest full episode, go to

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