Sanjivani 2 Written Update 13th August 2019: Dr. Ishani impresses Dr. Sid

Sanjivani 2 Written Update 13th August 2019: Dr. Ishani impresses Dr. Sid

Sanjivani 2 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Sanjeevani 2 13 Aug episode starts with Ishani still arguing with Siddhant over his hideous deeds. At the same time, a guy rushes to the hospital with an almost dead girl.

Meanwhile, Dr. Shashank operates the small boy who was rescued by Sid.

Ishani and Sid are trying to save the girl. Ishani follows Sid’s instructions and successfully stabilizes the patient.

Anjali confronts Shashank for not choosing her as the head of the hospital. He gets unconscious after getting out of the lift. He tells Anjali to call Juhi.

At the same time, Dr. Juhi is in a flooded camp rescuing and treating the victims. She receives a call from Anjali stating that Shashank is critical and has a brain tumor.

Juhi doesn’t answer and Anjali gets upset with it. Later, Dr. Rishabh Vaidya introduces himself to first-year residents.

Ishani discovers the girl brought in for treatments thinks that she is dead. She asks to get her to the psychiatric ward for treatment.

She further gets worried when she realizes Vardhan already knows about her parents. Asha informs her that the senior resident is calling her in OT.

Later, she finds out her senior resident is none other than Dr. Siddhant who she wanted to complain about.

The written update of 13 August 2019 Sanjivani 2 episode full story ends.

Upcoming Sanjivani 2 episode update: Ishani complaints to Dr. Anjali about Sid while Dr. Juhi arrives at Sanjivani.

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