Sanjivani 2 Written Update 27th September 2019: Sid-Ishani's intimate moments

Sanjivani 2 Written Update 27th September 2019: Sid-Ishani's intimate moments

Sanjivani 2 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Sanjeevani 2 27 Sep episode starts with Sid asking Ishani to wish for what her heart desires the most. Ishani feels weird with Sid’s closeness and leaves.

Meanwhile, Vardhan manipulates the situation and says the girl is pregnant and should get treated. Anjali believes him and decides to treat the patient.

He later takes the patient in the secret room. At the same time, Sanjivani doctors are busy celebrating the recovery of Sid.

Ishani imagines dancing with Sid in an intimate way. She later confesses in front of Dr. Asha that she is in love with Dr. Sid.

Sid comes closer to Ishani and asks if she loves him. She is again imagining the romantic moments with Sid and later wonders what she should do.

Later, Sid gives ice cream to Guddu and keeps on talking about Ishani. Meanwhile, Ishani creates a scene and is upset with falling in love with Sid.

Guddu also thinks that Sid loves Ishani and wants him to make a sweet dish for her. Ishani takes a promise from her friends to not tell Sid or Rahil.

Shashank is upset with Vardhan buying second-hand machines for the general ward. Juhi also takes Vardhan’s side as the machines are only six months old.

Next morning, Sid searches for Ishani while she is hiding from him. Sid gets mad at Neil for pointing out that he loves Dr. Ishani.

The written update of 27 September 2019 Sanjivani 2 episode full story ends.

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