Saregamapa 2023 9th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 5

Saregamapa 2023 9th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 5

Saregamapa 9th September 2023 Written Update, Season 2023 Episode 5, Auditions, Judges, Watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2023 Full Show Online on Zee TV/Zee5, Selected Contestants, Top Performances

SaReGaMaPa 9th September 2023 Written Update

Today’s Saregamapa 9th September 2023 episode starts with Aditya coming to the stage singing “Main Nikla Gaddi Le Ke” and asking the audience to applaud the judges and themselves. 

Aditya tells the audience that today is the day when 12 contestants will get the chance to sing their original songs. 

Congratulating the top twenty-five contestants for making it so far, Aditya asks the judges to explain the process of selection. 

Neeti Mohan tells everyone that there will be a face of challenge “Suron Ki Takker” between contestants after which contestants will be selected. 

The first competition takes place between Ranita and Nishtha in which they sing a classical piece “Saiyaan Beimaan”

Between the round of applause, Himesh comes to the stage with the medal followed by the other two judges, and gives the medal to Nishtha while the audience supports her as well. 

However, Himesh is not done with the surprise and tells Ranita to open her diary to sing one song for them while the audience and Ranita are surprised to find the medal inside it.

Now both Ranita and Nishtha are among the best 12 contestants.

The next comes on stage are Abdul and Albert who sing “ Bekhayali Mein Bhi Tera Kyun Khayaal Aaye”. 

The beautiful songs become more melodious with the harmonious voices of the two talented singers. 

There is no doubt that this fantastic performance leaves the judges in conflict and Himesh’s words say it so. 

Neeti takes the mike and tells everyone that it was one of the toughest choices but Abdul is the chosen one. 

However, when Albert's wife comes to console him, Neeti gives him another medal and tells her to put it on Albert. 

With only eight contestants left to be selected, Sana and Ananya come to compete with each other. 

Zee TV’s reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is ready to entertain the audience with musical performances by talented singers and some unique prodigies.

Sana and Ananya mesmerise the audience with their “O Gore Gore, O Banke Chore”. 

Himesh tells them that they will have to wait for the decision because the performance was great but could have been greater. 

After that comes Bullet-B and Rik Basu, their beautiful voices and wonderful lyrics burn the stage as they sing “O Nadaan Parinde Ghar Aa Ja”. 

This outrageous performance brings the judges on their toes except for Himesh who tells them that their performance is not good but greatest and at a level of Historic.

After this humongous performance comes Riya, Aaria and Anushka who are friends and competitors. 

Their beautiful performance on the song “Raat Baqi Baat Baqi” sets the mood and Himesh and Anu Malik both stand to dance with the rhythm. 

Himesh also joins them on stage to sing “Tera Pyaar Pyaar Pyar”. 

Mansi and Sai Shastri take the stage after and sing “O Saki Saki”. 

With a wonderful and bombastic performance, the episode comes to an end.  

End of today's Saregamapa 9th September 2023 written update.

SaReGaMaPa (SRGMP) 9th September 2023, Today's Episode Promo

The recent promo for the SaReGaMaPa season 2023 (9-09-2023) for this weekend shows a glimpse of the mega auditions held between the selected contestants who will compete against each other with their singing.

The judges will select one between the two competing contestants while the other will be left to decide their fate at the end of all duels.

One of the other trending promos for SaReGaMaPa (9 September 2023) showcases Albert and Abdul going against each other with their powerful voices which shocks the judges.

Neeti says that Albert's voice is romantic while Himesh says that Abdul's voice contains that passionate love in his voice.

Download Saregamapa Season 2023 today's episode or watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa online on the OTT platform Zee5.

SaReGaMaPa (SRGMP) 9th September 2023, Today's Episode Promo

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