SaReGaMaPa Tamil Seniors 3 25th December 2022 Written Update, Episode 3

SaReGaMaPa Tamil Seniors 3 25th December 2022 Written Update, Episode 3

SaReGaMaPa Tamil 3 25th December 2022 Written Update: Episode 3, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Tamil Seniors 3

This week's SaReGaMaPa Tamil episode starts with host Archana welcoming everyone to the Mega audition round.

Akshaya kickstarts the show by delivering the first performance. She sings the Konjam Neram song and blows away the judges. She gets selected immediately. 

Gana Micheal from Chennai performs the All your beauty song and impresses the judges. He gets selected.

He is not just a gaana singer so he performs a melody song for the judges to show this talent.

Balachandran delivers an energetic performance of the Kanni Theevu Ponna song and gets selected. The panel members are dancing along and enjoying the performance.

Gopalakrishnan sings the Sentamil Thenmozhi song. The judges come to the stage to praise him and select him.

Prarthana gives a melodious performance of the Mannipaya song. Everyone is blown away by her performance.

She is from Coimbatore, she has been learning music since a very young age. She has worked really hard to get here so she starts tearing up as she is selected. 

Maadhalani from London performs Margaali Maalai song.  Judges are very happy with her performance and they select her. 

She is surprised by her parents who are watching the audition online through video call. Her father is very proud of her and wishes her luck.

Jeevan gives a lovely performance and gets selected.

We witness a wonderful performance of Machaana Pathingala song by Regina. She is a factory worker in a hill station who has worked hard to get this opportunity.

Judges are not very impressed with her performance, so she is waitlisted. 

Shamala Mahesh performs the Unna Vitaa Yaarum Enaku Illa song and gets selected instantly by the judges.

Sangeetha from Karaikudi delivers a rocking performance of the Sopana Sundari song. The song was originally sung by Judge Vijayalaksmi so she gives feedback.

She gets waitlisted. 

There are few performances, where the judges are not able to make a decision. So, a bunch of contestants are waitlisted. 

After all the performances are over, the judges take some time and decide to ask Sudarshini, Amar, and Sulfath to give another performance next week. Out of the three, only one contestant will be selected.

By the end of the episode, 22 contestants who were selected on spot are called on stage to celebrate.

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