Shark Tank India 2 16th January 2023 Written Update, Amit Jain Judge On Shark Tank

Shark Tank India 2 16th January 2023 Written Update, Amit Jain Judge On Shark Tank

Shark Tank India 2 16th January 2023 Written Update: SharkTank India 2023

Today's Shark Tank India 2 16th January 2023 episode starts with the first band introducing themselves as ABP Fitness firm.

They tell the Sharks about their sports program and teach the students for the price of two pizzas only.

ABC Fitness Firm

Anirudh, the founder, tells the Sharks about ABC Fitness's success in teaching kids sports some of whom are playing on the state level.

They also mention that they have 71 coaches on their team.

Afterward, some students of ABC Fitness enter the stage and Namita Thapar mentions that her son is part of this team.

After the play, Aniruddh tells that he wants to arrange ABC heads in every city and create a team.

Hearing this, Aman Gupta backs out as the owners have not tried this outside Pune so he is out of it.

One by one, other Sharks also back out as the owners ask 40 lakhs for 2% equity.

Piyush Bansal asks them what is their future profit and they reply that they are targeting 6 crores.

However, Piyush offers 40 lakhs for 10% equity at the valuation of 4 crores but the owners make a counter offer of  6% equity for 40 lakhs at the valuation of 6.65 crores.

Piyush refuses to negotiate and the deal gets sealed at 40 lakhs for 10% equity finally.

Prime Book Brand On Shark Tank India

Afterward, the Prime Book owners enter the venue, and their vision is to give laptops to every child.

They mention that their software supports Android features as it is made in India, and until now, 140 countries have accepted this software.

They further add that they started selling only two months ago and till now they have sold the prime books to many NGOs.

They demand 75 lakhs for 1.5% equity at the valuation of 50 crores.

The Prime book owners are selling the laptop for 15,000 rupees only but when Namita mentions that Jio will launch their laptops soon so Prime book will face issues.

However, they mention that they are prepared for it as they will partner with Telcom, Jio’s biggest competitor.

When Aman Gupta asks the owners how they will cut the cost, one of the owners announces that they are doing affiliate marketing.

The owner(s) adds that they are planning on reducing the cost to 13,000 Rupees.

When Aman asks them about sales, they tell them that 3,000 laptops are sold and they have made 20 lakh profit last month.

Aman gives the Prime book owners an offer of 75 lakhs for 4% equity whereas Piyush, Vineeta Singh, and Anupam Mittal collectively offer 75 lakhs for 3% percent equity (1% equity each).

Prime Book makes a counter offer of 75 lakhs for 2.5% equity but Piyush and Aman come together & both offer 75 lakhs for 3% equity at the valuation of 25 crores.

Piyush Bansal and Aman Gupta get the deal for Prime Book at 75 lakhs for 3% equity at the valuation of 25 crores.

Daily Dump Compost Product Brand On Shark Tank

Afterward, Poonam Kasturi, the owner of Daily Dump, announces that she uses kitchen waste to make compost.

Poonam demands 80 lakhs for 4% equity.

Poonam also introduces her patent composter named “Khamba, “Terrabyte".

The co-founder tells everyone that they sell three types of composters for society, individual homes, and some other products.

When Namita mentions that she has seen Poonam at an award function, Poonam announces that she needs money, not awards.

Peyush asks them about their sale and they reply last year, they closed the business at 3.75 crores.

When the founders mention that Terrabite is priced at 20,000, Khamba is priced at 3,000 and the magic powder is sold at 200-500, Anupam thinks it is too costly so he backs out whereas Piyush thinks the team lacks proper ideas so he is also out.

Namita Thapar offers 30 lakhs for 5% equity and 50 lakhs for 10% debt at a valuation of 6 crores.

After a lot of negotiation, Namita closes the deal at 30 lakhs for 4% equity and 50 lakh debt at 10% interest at the valuation of 7.5 crores.

End of today's Shark Tank India Season 2 16th January 2023 written update.

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