Shark Tank India 2 2nd January 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Shark Tank India 2 2nd January 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Shark Tank India 2 2nd January 2023 Written Update: SharkTank Episode 1

Today's Shark Tank India 2 2nd January 2023 episode starts with Vineeta Singh and Namita Thapar visiting the pair of entrepreneurs named Uma Jha & Kalpana Jha who participated in Shark Tank India Season 1.

In the montage, Uma and Kalpana reveal that after participating in Shark Tank, their revenue was 5 lakhs per month but now it stands at 25 lakhs per month.

Namita and Vineeta give Uma & Kalpana a cheque of 85 lakhs to invest for 8.45% equity and bid them goodbye.

Floral Business HOOVU

The first contestant pair of STI 2 are two sisters from Bangalore, named Rhea and Yeshoda Karturi.

Hailing from a family background of floral business, these sisters introduce their brand - HOOVU.

They tell the Sharks that they have increased the shelf life of the flowers from 2 days to 15 days with their technology. They proudly announce that they have completed 2 million orders till now and offer the deal for 80 lakh rupees for 1% equity. 

Aman Gupta, the co-founder, and CEO of boAt Lifestyle, asks them why they pick only flowers while Namita questions them what is the scalability of this business. 

Rhea reveals that they started off with Rs. 10 packets of flowers and have realized that people are ready to pay more, only if they get undamaged flowers, and this way, they gain the trust of their customers.

Anupam Mittal, the CEO of likes the fact that the sisters have reduced the wastage of 40% to 2-3% in this business and gets impressed by their thorough knowledge of flushing.

However, he questions why don't they try this technique with fruits and the sisters say it won't work with fruits. 

The sharks get further MIND BLOWN when Rhea and Yeshoda reveal that their August 2022 sales were 1 crore.

The sisters take up the offer made by Peyush Bansal & Aman Gupta at 1 crore for 2% equity and 30 lakhs debt at 12%.

Darjeeling Tea Dorge

The next pair of contestants hail from Calcutta named Ishaan and Sparsh.

They introduce their Darjeeling Tea brand named "Dorge" & the sharks get highly impressed by the oration skills of Sparsh who transports them into the heavenly-smelling tea gardens of Darjeeling.

The duo makes the sharks taste their roasted black tea, however, Namita questions them about how will they compete with the Kulhad & Cutting Chai culture that Indians are addicted to. 

The sharks understand that their vision is limited and let them know that their subscription strategy won't work in the long term as they have a disconnect in their vision.

In the end, Peyush, Vineeta, and Anupam make a non-negotiable deal for Ishaan & Sparsh saying they want to be strategic investors with equity, quoting it to be 30 Lakhs for 5% equity each.

The duo accepts it and leaves the Shark Tank 2 stage with happy faces.

Makeup brand Recode

The third pair of contestants Dheeraj Bansal & Rahul Sachdeva introduce their makeup brand, "Recode" to the Sharks, amongst which Vineeta hails herself as the "Gundi of this (makeup) business" in good humor.

The sharks get impressed when the entrepreneurs reveal their customer acquisition strategy of inviting people to 5 Star Hotels & giving them grooming classes with free lunches.

Anupam gets impressed by this idea while Peyush says he will try this with Lenskart.

The pair quote their profit to be 60-70 lakhs and their projected sales to be 30 crores.

However, Namita, and Aman backed out since they do not want to invest in a business that will compete with Namita's SUGAR brand.

Aman and Peyush advise them to do their branding better while Anupam says he is impressed with two guys selling makeup but feels there is no chemistry between them and the valuation is impossible to reach.

End of today's Shark Tank India Season 2 2nd January 2023 written update.

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