Sherdil Shergill 28th November 2022 Written Update

Sherdil Shergill 28th November 2022 Written Update

Sherdil Shergill 28th November 2022 Written Update: Sherdil Shergill written update

Today's Sherdil Shergill 28th November 2022 episode starts with Rajkumar questioning Bhairav about the accident in Sky City and demanding answers regarding the culprit.

Bhairav tells Rajkumar that they are looking for the culprit while Rajkumar asks Bhairav what if it is someone among them.

Directing his questions toward Murari, Rajkumar says that he did not know that Murari buys bombs as a hobby.

Rajkumar asks Manmeet to hand him the mobile and shows everyone the pictures of Murari handing out exploders at Sky City.

Rajkumar shows Bhairav the pictures of Murari and asks him if he knows the situation as Murari always acts on his commands.

Bhairav stays silent while Murari insults Manmeet for instigating Raj against his own family.

Rajkumar holds Murari by his collar and warns him not to talk to Manmeet in that manner again.

Everyone separates Rajkumar from Murari and asks him to calm down before blaming his family member.

Rajkumar straight away to Murari if he went to Sky City to which Murari makes the excuse of visiting there to distribute sweets and crackers.

Showing Murari the time and date found in the CCTV footage, Raj says that he went to Sky City half an hour before the accident.

Suddenly, Bhairav asks Rajkumar to stop talking and brings out a whip that shocks everyone.

Nirali stands between Bhairav and Rajkumar and asks Bhairav not to beat his son up as he is injured before.

However, Bhairav starts beating up Murari and blames the whole thing on him so that he can clean away his mess.

Bhairav gives the whip to Rajkumar and asks him to beat him up for his mistake of trusting Murari.

As Raj denies taking the whip, Bhairav asks Manmeet to hit him for whatever he said to her at the office.

Manmeet says that it is a family matter and she does not want to interfere in between.

Just then, Ajeet and Hussain enter the house with the police and demand the arrest of Murari.

Bhairav does not object and promises to bring Murari out if he gets proven innocent of the case.

The police take away Bhairav while Hussain asks Bhairav to give his statement to the press.

Manmeet leaves with Ajeet while her eyes stare into Raj’s ones.

Later at night, Bhairav and Choti wait for the DNA results and get relieved to hear that it is a non-conclusive result because of the damaged sample.

Bhairav decides that Anmol is not related to Raj after hearing that there is a 50% chance of the case being like that.

Puneet calls Rajkumar and asks him about his condition when Raj asks her why Manmeet acted so negatively after he proposed to her the first time.

Puneet points out to Raj that he did not mention Anmol which made Manmeet anxious.

Raj determines to make things right and leaves for Manmeet’s house the next day.

Nirali complains about Rajkumar’s behavior but Bhairav assures her that the wife will be her choice.

Meanwhile, Raj tells Manmeet that he has come to finish the unattended task that they left midway through the earlier night.

Going to his knees, Rajkumar confesses that he loves Manmeet so profoundly that it is more meaningful than life itself.

Manmeet blushes as Raj promises to keep her happy after getting together with her and will also want to be Anmol’s father.

Rajkumar shows Manmeet a legally stamped paper that states that he is committed to her and Anmol for the rest of his life.

Manmeet also gets on her knees and replies that she is also deeply in love with Raj,

Both Raj and Manmeet ask each other “Will you marry each other?” at the same time and share a contagious smile.

As Puneet and Ajeet leave, Raj and Manmeet share a cozy hug accepting each other as lovers.

Rajkumar tells Manmeet that he wants something sweet on such an auspicious occasion but Manmeet replies that they do not keep sweets at home.

Raj tells Manpreet that he wants something “different” as dessert and stares at Manmeet’s lips indicating a kiss.

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