Shrimad Ramayan 13th February 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 13th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Shrimad Ramayana 13th February 2024 episode starts with Lakshman telling Shri Ram that his entire existence is intertwined with Shri Ram's name.

Shri Ram hugs Lakshman and tells him that it is indeed true that Lakshman is present everywhere in Ram's name but Lakshman has his duties as a son and husband which he needs to cater to.

Lakshman says that he wants to devote himself to serving his brother and sister-in-law these 14 years after which he comes to Sumitra asking her about her views on his decision.

Queen Sumitra tells Lakshman that she is blessed to have such a son as him who is ready to sacrifice everything for Shri Ram's protection and guard which is his sole dharma.

Sumitra says that she has Shri Ram in her heart all the time which is why she can never stop Lakshman from going with his brother on this journey so that he can serve his idol.

Lakshman takes Sumitra's blessings after which he comes to Urmila to talk about his decision to go with Shri Ram and Sita into exile for the next 14 years.

Urmila says that it is extraordinary that Lakshman is serving his brotherly duty by protecting Shri Ram but she also has the duty as his wife which she needs to fulfil.

With values that do not teach her to speak against her husband's decision, Urmila tells Lakshman that she shall only help him to fulfil his duties without any discrepancy.

Urmila says that sleep will become one of the obstacles in Lakshman's way to protect Shri Ram and Sita which is why Urmila will take away Lakshman's sleep for the next 14 years.

Lakshman hugs Urmila and thanks her for her undying sacrifice after which they come to Shri Ram and others while they are praying in front of God.

Meanwhile, the common people hear about the news of Shri Ram being sent into exile and Bharat becoming the king instead which leaves them feeling betrayed and causing agitation as they discover that Queen Kaikeyi is behind everything.

The maids whisper among themselves about how Kaikeyi has submerged the entire Ayodhya in darkness by doing a deed that is not expected from a mother.

Queen Kaikeyi tells Manthara that they need to make sure that the image of Shri Ram as the king gets erased from the country's people after which they decide to confront Shri Ram.

Sita and Shri Ram hear about Urmila sacrificing her days to consume Lakshman's sleep after which Kaikeyi comes there to greet Shri Ram.

Kaikeyi tells Shri Ram that he cannot go in front of King Dasharath in the attire of a prince and instead needs to consume sainthood to wear orange clothes with tulsi beads.

Shri Ram accepts the sainthood without any complaints and tells Kaikeyi that Sita and Lakshman are also going to leave with him which makes her happier.

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