Shrimad Ramayan 7th February 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 7th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Shrimad Ramayana 7th February 2024 episode starts with the people of Ayodhya rejoicing at the announcement of Lord Ranm becoming the next king after Dasharath.

Sita hears the drums of celebration and feels delighted while Ram comes to their personal chamber and notices Sita smiling.

Ram silently observes Sita as she prays for the future of Ayodhya and thanks God for making her Ram's wife who is the epitome of kindness and honesty.

Sita notices Ram and expresses her happiness while Ram says that King Dasharath called him randomly to the court and announced the kingship which surprised him too.

Ram smiles as Sita tells him that he is worthy of that position as with power comes responsibility and her honour has doubled with her husband getting loved by the country's people.

With kind eyes, Ram tells Sita that they both need to step up with this huge responsibility while King Dasarath is busy with the arrangements for the official coronation ceremony.

Manthara comes to Dasharath and starts crying which catches his attention and he asks her what the matter is.

With fake tears, Manthara tells Dasharath that something ominous is about to take place and Queen Kaikayi is not good which makes Dasharath worried.

The king says that Kaikayi should meet him in his chamber later but Manthara tells him that Kaikayi has gone into the dark chamber by herself and is refusing to tell anyone what the matter is.

Hearing that makes Dasharath shocked and he asks Manthara to lead the way so that he can look into the matter himself.

Dasharath comes to the dark chamber and enters the room while Manthara and the attendant stand outside as per the king's orders.

Spotting Kaikayi sitting on the floor wearing black attire, Dasharath asks her why she is in such a state to which Kaikayi replies that Dasharath should not have announced the kingship in Bharat's absence.

Dasharath says that Ram was also saying the same thing but stands shocked as Kaikayi says that she is talking about Bharat and not Ram.

Kaikayi says that her son has been obliterated from his rights and reminds Dasharath of his promise of two wishes that Kaikayi can demand from him.

Dasharath remembers how Kaikayi saved his life in the past while Kaikayi changes her attire and says that she has decided on what she needs to get from him.

With hesitation, Dasharath asks Kaikayi what she wants from him as a true Raghuvansh does not falter from his words.

Kaikayi says that Bharat will become the next king instead of Ram which leaves Dasharath stunned and he tells Kaikayi that Ram is the only one who is capable of growing their family into the coming years.

As Dasharath says that the people of Ayodhya will never accept Bharat as long as Ram is there, Kaikayi says that she wants Ram to go into exile for the next 14 years.

Dasharath holds onto his heart and screams Ram's name as he remembers the curse from the past after which the attendant comes to check on the king.

Kaikayi says that she has made her resolve after which Dashrath asks the attendant to call Ram to the chamber.

Dasharath says that he never thought that the shield that protected him years ago would turn into the dagger taking away his life by separating his son from him.

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