Shrimad Ramayan 8th February 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 8th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Shrimad Ramayana 8th February 2024 episode starts with Shri Ram coming to the ceremonial mandap and hearing the people of Ayodhya chant his name with divinity in their tone.

Queen Kaushalya asks Shri Ram to sit on the scale weighing machine so that the guards can equal his weight by keeping gold on the other side which will be distributed among the country's people.

Shri Ram searches for King Dasharath and Queen Kaikeyi through his lingering eyes and sits on the scale which starts the ritual of the inauguration of the next king.

Meanwhile, King Dasharath holds onto his heart painfully and tells Kaikeyi that she has smudged the noble name of all the mothers by her plotting for the royal throne.

Dasharath reminds Kaikeyi about her acknowledgement of considering Ram as her own son but her current actions have proved the promise to be wrong.

Kaikeyi stands blankly as Dasharath says that she will be cursed because of her deeds and no one in humanity, beasts, or even ghosts would keep their children's name Kaikeyi after this.

Dasharath falls to the ground and Kaikeyi tries to help him but the king strictly declares that he does not wish to see Kaikeyi's face or hear her voice anymore during his lifetime.

Kaikeyi silently sits on the chair and remains stiff with her expression while the attendant comes to the coronation function and spots Shri Ram sitting on the scale.

Shri Ram halts his smile on seeing the attendant who comes to him and informs that Dasharath has urgently summoned him inside the dark chamber where both he and Queen Kaikeyi are present.

Without wasting any minute, Shri Ram halts the celebration and tells everyone that he needs to meet his father for a brief moment after which he will return.

Shri Ram comes to the dark chamber with the attendant and enters the room while the others wonder what serious matter has arisen to make Ram leave the function.

On entering the room, Shri Ram notices Kaikeyi sitting on the chair after which his eyes widen to spot Dasharath lying on the floor, grunting in pain.

Shri Ram helps his father to lie down on the couch and asks him what happened but Dasharath is incapable of answering anything, making Ram turn to Kaikeyi instead.

As Shri Ram decides to call the medic, Kaikeyi says that no medicine can heal Dasharath as he has sinned breaking the Raghuvansh ideals, leaving Ram shocked.

Shri Ram asks Kaikeyi what ideal has been broken, while Kaikeyi says that everything has happened because of Ram, and Dasharath has lost his way due to the love of his son.

As Ram says that he will fulfil his parents' promises, Kaikeyi says that she is ready to tell the two boons showered on her by Dasharath years ago.

Kaikeyi declares that Bharat will become Ayodhya's king instead of Ram which makes Dasharath groan in pain while Ram stands with a surprised face.

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