Shrimad Ramayan 9th February 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 9th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Shrimad Ramayana 9th February 2024 episode starts with Kaikeyi saying that she will tell Shri Ram her two wishes if he wants to hear them out.

Kaikeyi says that her first wish is that Bharat will become the king of Ayodhya instead of Shri Ram which makes Shri Ram burst into a smile.

Shri Ram says that he is pleased to hear Bharat become the king and Kaikeyi did not need to waste her wish on such a simple demand which will be a happy deed from his side.

However, Kaikeyi says that her second wish is for Shri Ram to leave Ayodhya and go into exile for 14 years which makes Dasharath hold onto Shri Ram's hand in pain.

Shri Ram thinks about the words of Kaikeyi for a moment and says that he thinks of himself as the luckiest son alive who will be able to fulfil his mother's wishes and save his father's honour.

Dasharath signals Ram not to agree with Kaikeyi's demands while choking with pain but Shri Ram moves on with the two demands made by his mother.

Shri Ram tells Dasharath that he should be proud and happy to see his son walking on the path of true Raghuvansh ideals and following the footsteps of the great King Harishchandra.

Dasharath continues to sob as Shri Ram says that he should bless his son with a content heart instead of falling sick.

Shri Ram calls the attendant and asks him to dismiss the coronation ceremony but not to disclose the news about King Dasharath falling sick.

The attendant comes to the court and informs Kaushalya, Laxman, and Sita that Shri Ram has asked the function to be dismissed for some reason and only he can tell everyone about the reason.

The country's people get filled with questions and turn away from the palace with disappointed faces while the female attendants lament about the coronation ceremony not being finished.

Manthara tells them not to have false hopes as Bharat will be the one to sit on the king's throne instead of Shri Ram now.

Meanwhile, Mahadev and Devi Parvati look over the events in Ayodhya and Devi Parvati expresses her discontentment with the direction of the situation with Mahadev assuring her that everything is taking place for a reason.

Later, Shri Ram comes to Kaushalya and Sita and watches them praying after which he informs them that he has saved the Raghukul traditions from getting broken.

Shri Ram announces that the coronation ceremony will take place but it will be Bharat in his place according to Queen Kaikeyi's demands.

As Shri Ram reveals the second demand of his exile, Queen Kaushalya stumbles on her footing and stands shocked to discover that her son has been denounced in such a path.

Kaushalya cries in agony and says that she will never forgive Kaikeyi for what she has done after all the love and respect Shri Ram has given her since his childhood, as her mother.

Shri Ram says that he has had the opportunity to learn new teachings of life through Queen Kaikeyi's demands and he does not resent his mother for her actions.

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