Shubharambh Written Update 2nd April 2020: Fufa Ji saves Raja

Shubharambh Written Update 2nd April 2020: Fufa Ji saves Raja

Shubharambh 2nd April 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Shubharambh 2 Apr episode starts with Gunvant throwing Raja while Fufa Ji catches him. Fufa Ji calls Raja the owner of the shop while Gunvant says he is the owner now.

Fufa Ji reveals that the papers sent to him were fake and that the shop is still in Raja’s name. He tears the fake papers and is ashamed to think Gunvant can fall so low in greediness.

Gunvant is not ready to believe while Rani mocks him by saying the truth always wins. Fufa Ji apologizes to Rani for misunderstanding her.

Gunvant gets angry and is about to slap Rani while Raja stops him. Raja pushes him aside along with Kritida and asks them to leave both house and the shop.

However, it turns out to be Kritida’s dream and she begs to get one more chance from Raja. Asha rebukes Kritida but Raja wants Fufa Ji to make fresh papers to transfer the shop in Gunvant’s name.

Fufa Ji is not happy with his decision while Raja says his love is real. He further says he can’t have the whole property as others have also worked for the shop.

Raja says he would have given the shop to Gunvant if he had just asked once. He says the shop will remain in Gunvant’s name shocking everyone.

The written update of 2 April 2020 Shubharambh episode full story ends.

Upcoming Shubharambh episode update: Raja apologizes to Rani and asks for her hand again from her mother. 

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