Shubharambh Written Update 30th March 2020: Raja receives bad news

Shubharambh Written Update 30th March 2020: Raja receives bad news

Shubharambh 30th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Shubharambh 30 Mar episode starts with Rani asking Darshana if Asha is inside. Raja learns she is not inside and decides to call her. Raja seeks help from Gunwant but he wants to complete the Pooja first.

Raja is shocked to see Gunwant’s changed attitude while Rani tries to show Gunwant’s true face. Hitank comes out of the shop and asks about Asha.

Utsav tries to manage his father and Asha in the same room. Utsav tells Rani that Asha has gained conscious and he will send the video.

Asha gets upset and starts shouting while Utsav makes her video. Meanwhile, Raja and Rani continue to search for Asha everywhere but are unable to find her.

Gunwant continues with the Pooja while Hitank is worried about his aunt. Later, Raja receives a call from Utsav who acts as a kidnapper and reveals he has abducted his mother.

He asks for 10 lakh in exchange for Asha. Rani suggests that they should seek help from Gunwant. Elsewhere, Gunwant learns that within 10 minutes he can sit on the chair.

Gunwant is asked to do the charity while Raja again receives a call from the kidnappers. Raja thinks before entering the shop due to Pitra dosh.

He tells Gunwant that Asha is kidnapped and the kidnappers are asking for 10 lakh rupees. Gunwant thinks it is a joke and is more interested in sitting on his chair.

The written update of 30 March 2020 Shubharambh episode full story ends.

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