Shubharambh Written Update 31st March 2020: Raja breaks his promise

Shubharambh Written Update 31st March 2020: Raja breaks his promise

Shubharambh 31st March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Shubharambh 31 Mar episode starts with Raja telling Gunwant that Asha is kidnapped by someone. Gunwant takes it lightly and is more concerned about him taking over the shop.

Rani shows her worries for Asha while Hitank also wants to save Asha. Gunwant says he doesn’t care about anyone’s life or death while Raja is shocked.

The Pandit says the Raj Yog is very important and comes once in years. Raja is stunned with Gunwant’s behavior while Hitank wishes to call the police.

Rani says they shouldn’t call the police as the kidnapper might know while Hitank says he will get the money. He asks for locker keys but Gunwant says the Pooja is going on.

Raja receives a video of his mother tied up with ropes and shows it to Gunwant. He asks for money while Gunwant shouts at him. Raja is stunned and remembers his promise.

Rani wants Raja to break his promise and go inside the shop to get the money. Raja breaks his promise and enters the shop. He gets the keys and opens the drawer to get money.

Pandit asks Gunwant to sit on the chair as Raj Yog is about to start. However, Gunwant and others get shocked to see Raja sitting on the chair. Pandit says the Raj Yog has started for Raja instead. Gunwant gets mad at him and calls out his name loudly. 

The written update of 31 March 2020 Shubharambh episode full story ends.

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