Sirf Tum 22nd March 2022 Written Update

Sirf Tum 22nd March 2022 Written Update

Sirf Tum 22nd March 2022 Written Update: Sirf Tum written update

Today's Sirf Tum 22nd March 2022 episode starts with Suhani denying moving into Ranveer’s house but getting shut down by Asha and Ansh’s consent.

Suhani puts forward a condition to Ranveer that they will pay the rent to him in exchange for their stay.

Ranveer agrees and they proceed to pack their things to move houses.

The next day of Holi arrives, all the family members of the Oberoi family engage in celebrating the festival whole-heartedly.

Mamata tells Vikrant to enjoy the occasion when suddenly Asha, Ansh, and Suhani enter the venue along with Ranveer.

Ansh attempts to put color on Mamata but gets stopped by Ranveer who asks him to stay within his limits.

Mamata walks out of there with Ranveer following her and trying to convince her to let Suhani and her in-laws stay in their house.

Meanwhile, Vikrant bursts out in anger seeing Asha, Ansh, and Suhani there and commands them to get out of there at once.

He takes Suhani by her hands and was about to throw her out of there when Ranveer comes and stops him.

Ranveer announces that if Vikrant throws Suhani and others out of that house then he will also leave with them forever.

Vikrant and Ranveer talk separately with each other while Vikrant proposes a deal to Ranveer after hearing his condition.

On the other hand, Ansh tells Asha how he had always wanted to enter the Oberoi mansion and take back all the property that belongs to him.

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