Sirf Tum 29th March 2022 Written Update

Sirf Tum 29th March 2022 Written Update

Sirf Tum 29th March 2022 Written Update: Sirf Tum written update

Today's Sirf Tum 29th March 2022 episode starts with Ranveer taking a look at Suhaani’s grades and the classes she has missed.

He is concerned about Suhaani missing her classes due to the necessity of getting a job as soon as possible.

Ranveer feels an urgency to get a job himself so he can support Suhaani and she can focus on her studies.

Ranveer’s friends talk with their college canteen person to hire Ranveer.

However, Mr. Agarwal is hesitant and tells Ranveer a no as he is the college chancellor’s son.

But with Ranveer’s smooth and humorous talk, Mr. Agarwal tells Ranveer a yes.

At home, Ranveer is about to offer sweets to Suhaani as he has a job confirmed.

However, he listens to Asha and Suhaani’s conversation about Suhaani bearing the toil of getting a job as soon as possible as Ansh does not listen to what Asha says.

The next day, Ansh steps into the principal’s room and lets him know that he’d like the opportunity of being the captain of the football team in the upcoming football tournament where the cash prize is 25 lakhs.

Ansh is practicing on the ground when he sees Ranveer walking by.

Ansh purposefully taunts Ranveer making Ranveer raise his hand.

However, Ranveer sees Suhaani’s face from far away and immediately calms down.

Unpredictably in the next moment, after Ranveer has walked away, Ansh gets hit by the football, and his head hits the metal pole.

Suhaani and Ranveer gather near Ansh.

Ranveer decides to treat Ansh but Ansh’s friends stop Ranveer.

Suhaani supports Ranveer in helping Ansh and Ansh’s pulse start to become normal after Ranveer treats him.

Later, in front of the principal and the crowd gathered, Suhaani asks the principal to reject Ranveer’s rustication.

However, the principal offers Ranveer the job of being the football coach of the college team and training them for the upcoming tournament.

If Ranveer makes the college team win, the principal is ready to give half of the prize money to Ranveer very willingly.

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